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PM Narendra Modi’s attack on the opposition in the Lok Sabha, when he talked about the respect of the house from the Red Fort

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted the opposition in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday during the budget session of Parliament. PM Modi said, ‘Today the pride day of tribals is being celebrated. Many families reached a pucca house for the first time. When we talk about Izzat Ghar from Red Fort, then I am made fun of. We did the work of empowering the sisters. From mining to defence, opportunities have opened up for sisters and daughters. This work was done by our government. Attacking the politics of vote bank, PM Modi said that this created a problem. He said that the middle class was denied. He used to spend all his energy that whatever he has to do, he has to do it himself, no one is ours. Our government recognized his honesty.

Describing the comparative price of data prices before 2014 and the use of internet today, PM Modi said that today an average of 5000 thousand rupees is being saved every month by every citizen. Due to Jan Aushadhi, the middle class is saving Rs 20,000 a month.

Late-late had become the identity of the Railways – PM Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, ‘We were dependent on the railway line laid by the British for years. Today the railway is being rejuvenated. Earlier, pushing and shoving had become the identity of the Railways. Today the picture of railway is changing. Vande Bharat train is running. It has been four-five decades in my public life. I have passed from village to village. I am familiar with the nature of society. Today every MP is demanding Vande Bharat train. Rejuvenation of airport and railway stations is taking place. A network of expressways and highways is being laid.
We got as many airports built in 70 years as in nine years.

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Attacking the opposition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that people immersed in despair who dream of power need introspection. He said, ‘Yesterday those who used to sit here, today they failed even after going there and the country is moving forward at a fast pace. Today the country is also exporting in the defense sector.

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