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Poison Frog : The colorful frog will make you happy! Touching can cause heart failure

New Delhi : Have you ever wondered how the people of the tribal community living in the dense forests, unaware of the city and factories, would make poison? Yes, poison is needed so that they can hunt animals. In the episode of ‘Jungle News’ you have read how a tribe living in South America hunts monkeys sitting on trees by applying poison on arrows. Read today how poison is made in the forest. In fact, nature provides us with every small and big thing. Talking about poison, there are many creatures living in the forest whose body is so poisonous that it becomes the work of the tribal community.

One such creature is the red-green colored Poison Dart Frog, some people may find it attractive to see, but it is very dangerous. Most frogs are not dangerous to humans, but some can be fatal. The golden poison dart frog is two inches long but can even kill a human if it comes in contact with it. Although the colorful frogs kept for museum purposes are not poisonous.

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Now back to the forest. These frogs are used as a source of poison to hunt wild animals. The people of the wild community hunt with small arrows from the blowgun (or blowpipe). This method is also adopted to kill monkeys. There is a wooden tube-like stick that acts as a gun for small arrows. A bird or a monkey sitting at the height of a distant tree, comes to the ground as soon as the arrow is shot because these people keep poison in the pointed part of the arrow. This poison comes from the bright frog.

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These frogs are blue, yellow, red and orange in colour. The most dangerous and poisonous frog is the golden color, which is found in the jungles of Colombia. When it is in trouble, its body begins to secrete and the most toxic fluid, batrachotoxin is obtained. This venom can block the transmission of nerve signals. This can lead to heart failure or respiratory paralysis. One frog contains 1 mg of batrachotoxin venom, which is enough to kill 20,000 rats and 15 humans. This poison is many times more dangerous than cyanide.

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If caught without globs, life can be in trouble. Actually, as soon as the threat of any kind of fear is felt, poison starts coming out of their skin. As soon as the poison takes effect, the pulse starts shrinking and the person dies. Next time you see a colorful frog somewhere, you will be a little worried.



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