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Politics started in Shraddha murder case, Giriraj told Love Jihad, Ram Kadam said – CBI investigation should be done

New Delhi: Now the politics has also started on the murder of Shraddha Walker. Union Minister Giriraj Singh has termed it as love jihad, while BJP leader Ram Kadam in Maharashtra has demanded a CBI inquiry into this barbaric murder. Ram Kadam said that this is not just murder but the conspirators behind it will have to be exposed. He said that we have to find out which gang is working behind this?
The Union Minister said that Aftab had strangled Shraddha, who was living in a live-in, to death and cut her body into 35 pieces and threw it at different places. Giriraj said that the mission of love jihad has started in the country. Significantly, Aftab is still in police custody and on his tip, the police is trying to find the pieces of Shraddha’s dead body.

Love Jihad is going on – Giriraj

Giriraj Singh told in a conversation with the media that whether he is a Hindu or someone else, if someone is married for love, then he is cut into pieces. He said that the incident that happened with the Mumbai girl is very unfortunate. He said that Hindu girls are being coerced and killed. It is unfortunate that love jihad mission is going on in the country.

BJP leader Ram Kadam

Conspiracy in disguise
Giriraj said that the Muslim boy was living with a Hindu girl by changing name, changing chola, disguise, coercion. He said that if the relatives of the deceased girl were to be believed, then Shraddha was not live-in but in a duly married relationship. Later Aftab threw it into pieces.

Ram Kadam told the conspiracy behind the murder
Ram Kadam said that this is not just a murder case. Bodies are dismembered, refrigerated, scattered all over town. This is not the first incident. This is happening continuously in the country. Is this not a matter of love jihad? Who are the people behind such incidents? Till the investigation of this murder case is not done regarding the angle of love jihad, the victim will not get justice.



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