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Poll Of Exit Polls: Big win for BJP in Gujarat, Congress fight in Himachal, AAP projected majority in MCD

New Delhi. A record breaking victory of the BJP has been predicted in the Gujarat assembly elections as well. According to exit polls, the BJP can break its record of victory in Gujarat, while in Himachal Pradesh it can win by giving a tough fight to the Congress. Although the Aam Aadmi Party is expected to win the Delhi MCD elections. Various agencies have made such predictions in exit polls.

BJP can break all records in Gujarat
The victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the Gujarat assembly elections can destroy all the old records. Regarding the bumper victory here, the exit polls of all the agencies are seen predicting the victory of BJP in one voice. This time in Gujarat, the candidates of Aam Aadmi Party were also in the fray and in the exit polls they are projected to win at some places. At the same time, it has been claimed in the exit polls regarding the Congress that this election can prove to be the worst for the Congress.

Prediction of bumper victory in Gujarat In Gujarat, a total of 182 seats in the assembly is necessary to win 92 seats for a majority, but it is estimated that this time the Bharatiya Janata Party is winning 131 seats. On the other hand, if agencies are to be believed, according to people’s opinion, BJP can win 117 to 140, Congress 34 to 51, AAP 6 to 13 and others 1 or 2 places. According to P-MARQ, BJP is expected to win 128 to 148 seats, Congress 30 to 42, AAP 2 to 10 while others are expected to win 0 to 3 seats. Whereas TV9 Gujarati has predicted 125 to 130 seats for BJP, 40 to 50 seats for Congress, 3 to 5 seats for AAP and 3 to 7 seats for others.

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