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Pond of Wonder: Take the Dip and Get Fat! Know about this enchanting pond

Report- Rakesh Maity

Howrah: Don’t be surprised, if a lean man takes a dip in this pond, he becomes fat! Bathing in this pond of Howrah also cures many diseases. This is the reason why people of Howrah and its surrounding districts come in large numbers to take bath in this pond. The fame of this pond has spread among the people for a long time and people in Bengal know it by the name of Batul Pukur (fat pond).
It is said that this pond was actually a big lake in which lotus flowers and big fishes were found. Now a big pond is left in its place. Worship is done before taking bath in this pond. Traditionally, people bring oil, turmeric, vermilion and a bagful of rice from their homes and offer it to the tree by the side of the pond.

Only after doing this and touching turmeric, people go to the pond to bathe. Devi Chandi temple is on the banks of this Batul Pukur. Devotees worship the Goddess after taking bath. People have a belief that by doing this all their diseases get cured. When people’s wishes are fulfilled, they come again to worship here. Mother Chandi’s grace is showered on the devotees and even today people come in large numbers to bathe and worship in this pond.

In Shukla Paksha, on Sundays, worship items are found near the pond. There is a huge crowd of people here on this day. People worship Chandi. After bathing, they bring water from the pond in a pot. The rule is that after bathing in the pond, one should bathe with the water of this pond at home for two days.

Tapan Sarkar, a person associated with the temple of Batul Pukur, said, “Bathing in this pond cures many diseases. Skin diseases especially in women and children get cured by taking a bath in this pond. Many people come to bathe in this pond so that their wishes come true. And if this happens then such people come here again to worship”.

Manik Lal Dey, a local resident said, “People should have faith in Goddess Chandi. It is believed that lean people become fat when they bathe in this pond remembering Maa Chandi. That is why this pond is called ‘Mota Pukur’.

If by taking a bath in this pond all the problems of the devotees are solved and all their wishes are fulfilled, then they come here to worship Chandi again and at that time more people come here. Many types of instruments are also played during worship. Pumpkin, sweet pumpkin is specially offered in the worship of Chandi. Apart from this, salt is also offered. Nibha Sarkar, a devotee said, “After hearing about this pond from the people of this area, I have come here to fulfill my wish. I hope all my wishes come true”.

Even today people have this belief regarding this pond. People from different parts of the state come to bathe in this pond. Many steps have been taken keeping in mind the facilities of the people coming here. Apart from the temple of Chandi Devi in ​​front of the ghat, there are also temples of Savitri and Satyavan.

This pond is on National Highway No. 16 at the junction of Science Library. It takes 10 minutes to walk from this place to Bantul Kal, Tala on Bigyan-Shampur State Road.

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