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Popular Front of India: PFI has been banned but now what will happen next, know

New Delhi : The central government has banned the radical organization Popular Front of India and its affiliated organizations for 5 years under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act i.e. UAPA. The notification regarding the ban was issued on September 27 and was published in the gazette the next day, in the early hours of September 28. After the ban, its hoardings, posters have started to be removed from the offices of PFI. PFI hoarding was removed in the presence of heavy police force in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. After all, what will happen to PFI after the ban, what will change, let’s understand.

Center imposed restrictions under Section 35 of UAPA
Actually, the government has the right to declare an organization as a terrorist organization under the UAPA. Under Section 35 of the UAPA, the central government can declare an organization as a terrorist organization if it is found to be indulging in terrorist activities. Any organization that is involved in terrorist acts, promotes terrorism or incites people to terrorism, then it is banned. PFI has been banned under this.

Right to confiscate property, arrest of members of the organization after the ban
After being declared a terrorist organization, the central agencies and the state police have the power to arrest the members of the organization concerned, freeze the accounts and even confiscate the properties. That is, agencies can now also confiscate the properties of PFI and its leaders. In 2016, when the central government banned Zakir Naik’s organization Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), Naik’s bank accounts and immovable properties were also confiscated.

Life imprisonment, up to death in certain circumstances
According to Section 10 of the UAPA, being a member of any banned organization is an offence. If a person is found to be associated with any banned organization, then he can be punished with 2 years of imprisonment. If the case is serious, the culprit can be punished with life imprisonment and even death in some circumstances. However, action will not be taken against those who became its members before being declared a banned organization, provided they distance themselves from that organization after the ban.

Now PFI will not be able to run its activities
Section 10 also says that if any person continues to be a member of any banned organization, participates in its meetings or works for it or is found to be helping in any way, he shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, and There may be a penalty of fine. It is clear that now the PFI and its affiliated organizations will no longer be able to carry on their activities. If they do so then it will be illegal and legal action will be taken against the members involved.

…so death sentence is possible
According to the UAPA, if any member of a banned organization is found with arms or explosives or is found involved in violent activities, he can be punished with imprisonment for life. In severe cases, the death penalty is also possible.

Deposits in PFI accounts may be frozen
According to Section 7 of the UAPA, money raised through illegal activities cannot be used. That is, after the ban is imposed, now the government can freeze the amount deposited in the accounts of PFI. Now funding for him will come under the category of crime.

Offices can be confiscated

Section 8 of the UAPA empowers the central government to declare any place to be ‘contained with unlawful activities’. Here this ‘place’ can be a building, a part of it, a house and even a tent. The local district magistrate has to make a list of all the items present in the places of illegal activities declared by the center. No one can use those items.



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