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portable houses and ponds; Indian Army making ponds to get drinking water for troops in eastern ladakh near china border – Indian army making ponds to get drinking water for troops in eastern ladakh near china border

New Delhi: To give a befitting reply to any nefarious act of China, thousands of soldiers of the Indian Army are stationed on the LAC i.e. the Line of Actual Control. In the winter season, when the snow freezes and the temperature drops to minus degrees, the Indian Army has taken a big step to remove the shortage of drinking water for these soldiers. The Indian Army is building a large number of ponds to provide fresh drinking water to its soldiers even in the harsh winter. Not only this, the army has also constructed portable houses for the jawans to stay in the harsh winter.

In fact, India has deployed more than 50,000 soldiers in eastern Ladakh with a large number of new equipment to deal with a possible Chinese aggression from April-May 2020. Several steps have been taken to meet the logistic requirements of the soldiers posted on the border. Lieutenant General Harpal Singh, Engineer-in-Chief of the Indian Army, said, “We are building a large number of ponds to meet the water needs of the jawans posted there. Troops at forward locations like Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO) used fresh water from ponds even in severe winter this year.

He further said that in extreme winters water freezes at the surface level and becomes ice all around, but below that it is present in liquid form. Our soldiers used the water of these ponds to meet their requirements. Let us tell you that DBO i.e. Daulat Beg Oldi is one of the coldest and furthest places in Ladakh and extreme cold conditions are seen in the Cold Desert area and snow is seen all around.

The temperature in these areas even drops below minus 40 degrees on some occasions and it becomes a challenge for the army to provide fresh water and food to its jawans. The Army Engineers have done extensive work to help the soldiers stay at forward locations near the China border and to improve the living conditions there.

According to Lt Gen Harpal, the Army has so far built 22,000 additional houses for troops in eastern Ladakh and they have been built in such a way that the buildings can be moved from one place to another and shifted to specific areas as and when required. To be. The Indian Army has also built a large number of housings for tanks, artillery and infantry fighting vehicles so that armored personnel can operate them even in very cold conditions.

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