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Prayagraj Bulldozer Action: The bulldozer went to the house of the mastermind of Prayagraj violence, know what happened when

Prayagraj: In Uttar Pradesh, the action of the Yogi government has started against those who create violence and nuisance. On Saturday, the bulldozer model for which Yogi Sarkar is known in Kanpur ran. At the same time, on Sunday, Prayagraj became a witness to the Bulldozer Action in Prayagraj. Action has been taken against the main accused of violence in both the places. In such a situation, now those who have fueled incidents like ruckus and stone pelting in other places have started losing sweat. A big message will go to the administration’s action against those instigating people to pelt stones. The way the Yogi Adityanath government of UP has given strong messages to the officials to take action against the miscreants, its effect is now visible. Action taken against Javed Pump is being linked to this. Let us know how the action has been taken against Javed Pump …

12.58 pm: The action of the second bulldozer also started. Holes began to be made in the walls from the western side of the house. The administration team claimed to have completed the demolition process in two to three hours.

12.50 pm: The police and administration team removed the local people who were making videos on mobile near the house. They were instructed to stay away from the house in view of any injury caused during the demolition.

12.42 PM: The first paw of the bulldore fell on the front gate and the action of demolishing Javed Pump’s house was started. After breaking the gate, small items lying in the closed house were pulled out. Large items had already been removed.

12.30 PM: The number of security personnel was further increased. Along with this, the bulldozer also reached near the house of Javed Pump. Preparations were completed to start the demolition process.

12:00 PM: The team of police and administration reached the campus of Javed Pump and was informed about the demolition drive by the administration from Mike. Even after this no one came there.

11.30 am: Police and administration team went near Javed Pump’s house and took stock of the situation. There was no one to be found there. After this, waiting for the arrival of some relative of Javed Pump started.

11 a.m.: The number of security personnel started increasing near Javed Pump’s house. Women police force was also deployed around her house in view of being a posh colony and fear of women coming forward in protest.

at 10 am: Police forces started arriving in JK Ashiana Colony located in Kareli, Prayagraj. Security was beefed up around Javed Pump’s house. By that time people had left the house.

at 9 am: The matter of pasting the demolition notice at the house of Javed Ahmed Pump, the main accused in the Prayagraj violence case, came to light. In this it was said that under the order of May 25, the house should be vacated by 11 am. Action will be taken to demolish the house without passing the map.

May 12 at 8 am: There was news of bulldozer running at Javed Ahmed alias Pump’s house. It was said that action would be taken on the basis of notices issued earlier by Prayagraj Development Authority.

May 11: Apart from Javed Ahmed Pump, about 71 people were taken into custody. He was sent to jail. The minors were sent to the Children’s Correctional Home. The judicial magistrate considered his offense serious.

Evening of 10th May: Javed Ahmed Pump, the main accused in the Prayagraj violence case, has been identified. Attempts to arrest him began. He was taken into custody till late night.

May 10: There was a lot of ruckus in Prayagraj after Friday prayers on 10th May. There was heavy stone pelting near Atala Chowk. Many officers including the DM were injured in this. Additional police forces have been deployed to deal with the matter immediately.

Controversy started on Nupur Sharma’s statement
The ruckus started on the basis of the alleged objectionable statement of the former BJP spokesperson. Since then many episodes have been seen connecting. In Uttar Pradesh, on June 3, a case of violence came to light in Kanpur. President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and CM Yogi Adityanath were present in Kanpur city that day. In the presence of these leaders, the violence was termed as premeditated. A high level inquiry was initiated into the matter. However, on Friday, 10 January, an attempt was made to spoil the atmosphere in more than half a dozen districts including Prayagraj. The maximum violence and stone pelting came to light in Prayagraj.


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