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Preparation for a befitting reply to China on every front, bridge work near LAC in Arunachal begins, distance will decrease for heavy vehicles


The process of building a two-lane bridge in Arunachal Pradesh near the LAC with China has started.
Due to this bridge, the distance of LAC for heavy army vehicles is 180 km. Will be less till
On March 24, the government invited bids for this bridge costing Rs 199 crore.

New Delhi. The government has started the process of constructing a two-lane bridge in Arunachal Pradesh near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) bordering China. Due to this bridge, the distance of LAC for heavy vehicles used for carrying heavy defense equipment like howitzer cannon is 180 km. will be reduced till With the construction of this 386 meter long bridge, 4.5 km over the Siang river in Upper Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh in the next 3 years. A long new approach road will also be ready. The government has invited bids on March 24 for this project costing Rs 199 crore.

This new road and bridge will facilitate easy and quick access for the army and paramilitary forces to the Indo-China border in Upper Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh. A senior official told News18 that along with this, heavy vehicles going to and from the Yingkiong-Tuting route would get better connectivity. This proposed bridge connects Yingkiong to Tuting. Due to which 330 km for heavy vehicles. The long route reduced to only 150 kms. Will remain the same. Notably, there is a Gandhi Bridge over the Siang River near the site of the proposed bridge in Yingkiong town. Which was inaugurated four years ago.

New bridge will be built in the area with steep hill slope
It is the longest single lane steel cable-stayed bridge in India. But this bridge is currently not able to carry the load of heavy vehicles for traffic across the Siang river. For this reason, it has been seen as a major obstacle in the way of transportation for army equipment and large-sized heavy equipment. Therefore, the Border Roads Organization (BRO) will build a new two-lane bridge over the Siang River. This project is going to be built in a hilly area with very steep slopes. Apart from the army, this bridge will prove to be a great relief for the people of Yingkiong city. This new bridge will connect the western side of the Siang River with NH-513, which will be an alternate route to reach the city.

India serious about infrastructure on LAC after skirmish with China
Due to skirmishes with China in Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang and Yangtze on LAC in 2021, the government is working fast to strengthen the infrastructure near the border in this state. Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had inaugurated the 100-metre long steel arch Siyom Bridge in Siang district of the state in January. This bridge will facilitate an alternate route to LAC. The Siom bridge is facilitating faster movement of troops and heavy equipment like howitzers in Upper Siang. With the help of the new proposed bridge on Siang, it will help in moving such equipment closer to the LAC faster.

Road being built till the easternmost village in Arunachal Pradesh
News18 had reported on February 3 that India had built a strategic 78 km road up to the easternmost village in Arunachal Pradesh. The construction of long road has started. This village is just 4 km from LAC. Is at a distance of. There this road touches the tri-junction of India, China and Myanmar. The project will start from Dong which is situated at the confluence of Lohit and Seti river in Arunachal Pradesh. This road leads to Jachep camp located 4 km from LAC.

Preparing to compete with China in infrastructure on LAC, Army is rapidly building roads and helipads in Arunachal

Arunachal Pradesh clashed with China several times
Arunachal Pradesh has been witness to skirmishes between India and China for a long time. In December last year, Rajnath Singh revealed that a Chinese contingent had tried to cross the LAC from the Yangtze in the Tawang sector but their intentions were foiled by our brave soldiers. Similarly, in October 2021, a large Chinese patrol attempted to cross the LAC in Yangtze, due to which both sides came face to face.

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