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Presidential election: Leading in all except 8 states, 100% votes in 3, Draupadi Murmu defeated Yashwant Sinha like this

New Delhi : Draupadi Murmu has created history by winning the presidential election. With the oath on July 25, for the first time, a person from the tribal community will hold the highest office of the country. Murmu held an edge over Sinha in all states except for just 8 states/UTs. In 3 states, he got 100 percent votes. Let us see how the states voted in the 16th presidential election.

How many voters in total, who got how many votes
Elected MPs and MLAs from all the states and 2 union territories (Delhi and Puducherry) vote in the presidential election. Thus the Electoral College had 4,033 MLAs and 776 elected MPs. Of these, 3,991 MLAs and 763 MPs voted. 53 votes were declared invalid, including the votes of 15 MPs and 38 MLAs.

NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu was voted by a total of 2,824 MPs and MLAs with a vote value of 6,76,803. The joint opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha was voted by 1,877 MPs and MLAs with a vote value of 3,80,177. In terms of vote value, Murmu got 64 percent and Sinha got 36 percent.

540 MPs votes for Murmu
Draupadi Murmu got the votes of 540 MPs. Yashwant Sinha could get votes of only 208 MPs. Of the total 776 MPs, only 763 took part in the voting. Of these, 15 votes were declared invalid.

Presidential election: face + strategy = victory, the defeat of the opposition was certain, but Murmu has washed it away! Cross voting brought out the wind of opposition unity
Except these 8, Murmu has more votes than Sinha in the rest of the states.
Draupadi Murmu was ahead of her rival Yashwant Sinha everywhere except in just 8 states. The eight states where Sinha has gained an edge are Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, West Bengal and Delhi.

100% votes for Murmu in 3 states
Draupadi Murmu did a clean sweep in 3 states. In Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland and Sikkim, he got 100 percent votes, that is, Sinha could not even open an account in these three states. Murmu got the lowest 0.7 percent votes in Kerala. Telangana came second in this case where the NDA candidate could get only 2.6 percent votes.

Teacher, Clerk, Minister and now Her Excellency, the new President Draupadi Murmu has a different personality
126 MLAs, 17 MPs cross voting
143 MPs, MLAs from 18 states did cross voting. Of these, there are 126 MLAs and 17 MPs. The maximum number of 22 cases of cross voting came from Assam. In Madhya Pradesh, 19 honorable people did cross voting. In the electoral state of Gujarat, 10 Congress MLAs cross-voted in favor of Murmu.


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