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Principal asked to write essay on Prophet Mohammad, activists of Shri Ram Sena reached

Karnataka News: The principal of a government school in Karnataka’s Gadag district was allegedly thrashed by activists of right-wing organization Shri Ram Sena on Tuesday when he asked students to write an essay on Prophet Muhammad. Told. The activists also accused the headmaster of converting the students to religion.

What is the whole matter after all?

The incident is of Government High School in Nagvi village. The activists barged into the school and beat up the headmaster, Abdul Munfar Bijapur, leaving the rest of the school stunned. According to Abdul, a week ago an acquaintance came to him and offered to sponsor money for an essay competition. Abdul said, “To improve handwriting among the students, we organized an essay competition based on the book Knowledge, for which it was said that promotes Islam, which is wrong.”

He said, “Every month there are at least one or two events where we organize competitions. We have also organized programs and essay competitions on Kanak Das, Purandar Das and other personalities in the past. These essay competitions encourage students to participate in these personalities. are conducted to help them familiarize themselves with and improve their handwriting.”

what statement did shri ram sena give

Speaking to The Indian Express, Raju Khanappanavar of Shri Ram Sena said that he had gone to question the headmaster, as the essay competition was only on Prophet Mohammad. He said, “The headmaster claims that someone came to the school and offered Rs 5,000 for the winner and he agreed to give permission. As a teacher he should not be allowed to propagate any one religion. In a way, by promoting Islam in young minds, they are defaming other communities.”

What did the senior officer say in this matter?

Deputy Director of Public Instruction, Gadag, GM Basavalingappa said that he has ordered an inquiry into the incident. He said that he is writing a letter to senior officials about the incident. Basavalingappa said, “There were no government circulars to organize such competitions and he had handed over books to the students to take them home. Around 43 students participated in the competition. The headmaster defended saying that he Celebrate Valmiki Jayanti, Kanaka Jayanti and other events as well. Though there were government orders to conduct them but there was no such instruction in this matter.”

What did the headmaster say in his defense?

Bijapur, who has 28 years of experience in the field of education, is working in this school for the last three years. “We have maintained all records of organizing events related to Hindu personalities and others. I have seven teachers working with me and fortunately they came to my rescue,” he said.

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