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Priyanka Gandhi is an ‘angel’ – Rajiv Gandhi assassination convict Nalini reveals a secret buried in her heart


Rajiv Gandhi assassination convict Nalini mentioned Priyanka Gandhi
Said- Priyanka made me sit near her in jail, it was a big deal
Nalini said – I have no role in the murder of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi

New Delhi. Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi assassination convict Nalini Sriharan has described Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as an angel. He said, ‘I had an emotional meeting with him in jail. He is very kind. He himself respected me. It was a big deal because we were not treated well in jail. Nalini Sriharan said, ‘We were not even allowed to sit in front of the officers. We had to stand and talk, but when Priyanka came, she made me sit beside her. It was a different experience for me. Priyanka asked about her father’s murder and cried emotionally.

After being released from jail, Nalini Sriharan has said these things in an interview given to NDTV. In this, he said that he had no role in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. She went to jail because her husband’s friend was known to her. Nalini says, ‘I know I am guilty, but my mind and my inner soul know what happened that day. I was accused because I was part of the group that hatched the conspiracy. Those who conspired were friends of my husband. I used to live by myself. I didn’t even talk to him. Just, I used to help them when needed. Like going to the temple, going to the market or going anywhere, I used to go with him. Apart from this, I have no personal relation with him. I don’t even know their families.

Had prepared for hanging seven times – Nalini
Nalini said, ‘Even before the change in sentence in the year 2001, I had thought that I could be hanged any time. I had prepared for this seven times, because a black warrant was issued for me seven times. Nalini also mentioned meeting her daughter Harithra in this interview. Nalini’s daughter was born in the jail in the year 1992. After that he was brought up outside. Today he is a doctor in London. He was married in the year 2019. Nalini got one month’s parole for marriage.

The sorrow of forgetting the daughter’s mother
Nalini said, ‘She had completely forgotten me. I only gave birth to her and when she was two years old, she got separated from me. Being brought up outside, she has forgotten who I am. Now we are trying to strengthen the relationship again. This is a difficult time for both of us. We are both mature enough to understand things, but he is still young. She will not be able to understand what is happening. For this reason, she is still fighting for life. It is really very difficult for my daughter.

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