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Professor made unnatural sex with female professor by locking her in the room, FIR

Hisar, An extension lecturer of a college in Adampur area of ​​Haryana’s Hisar district has accused a professor of her college of having unnatural sex with her by locking her in a room. The victim alleges that the professor threatened her that if she did not listen to him, she would not be able to do a job in the college. In the case, the victim has given a complaint to the women’s police station.

It was told in the complaint that she is an extension lecturer of Hindi subject in the college. Has been working in the college since October 3, 2017. On January 24, during the examinations in the college, she was on evening duty. The timing of the exam was from 2 to 5 pm. When she started submitting the answer sheet after the exam, Professor of Geography Ashok Bainiwal was standing near the biometric attendance machine.

There, the professor said that he had to talk to him about something related to his duty. He went to room number 48. When she went there, seeing her alone, they locked the door from inside. When he opposed it, he said that if he wants to do the job, he will have to do what he says.

The woman alleges that there the accused professor molested her and forcibly had unnatural sex with her. She got out of there with difficulty. It is alleged that earlier also the accused had tried to have unnatural sex with her. She was repeatedly called to meet him in private and threatened that if she did not comply, she would not be allowed to join the college. The victim told that she has become mentally disturbed due to this incident. She belongs to scheduled caste. On the complaint, the police have registered a case against the accused under other sections including the SC-ST Act.

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