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Protest against obscene songs in Muzaffarpur, bandwagon said – will not play, will not play in marriage

Abhishek Ranjan

Muzaffarpur, Everyone is troubled by the increasing vulgarity and vulgarity in Bhojpuri songs. In Bihar, obscene songs are played indiscriminately in marriages, but now some band-party members of Chhatt Bazar of Muzaffarpur have decided that they will no longer play dirty songs in marriages, nor will they sing it. At the time of writing the bet, the bandwagon will tell this in clear words to their customers. The people of Muzaffarpur Band Mandi have decided that this time they will not sing dirty songs even if the request comes with diligence. This decision of the band party is being praised everywhere.

Arif Masoodi, a band party operator in the city, said that we are also ashamed to sing a sloppy song. We are residents of India, our country has its own culture and civilization. In this sense also we should neither sing nor listen to dirty songs. He said that we should get Mohd in marriages. Likes to sing and play songs of Rafi, Mukesh Kumar and Kishore Da.

Can’t stand the sight of playing dirty songs

Master Wasim Ali of Band Mandi said that more demand for dirty songs in weddings comes in rural areas. There is less demand for dirty songs in urban areas. We have to play dirty songs on the request of the customers. We cannot even lift our eyes while singing these songs. Such songs should be stopped. There is a lot of such sloppy and obscene songs in the market today, which are ashamed to hear.

Dozens of families of band party people have been living here for 100 years

Actually the band party of UP people is very famous in Muzaffarpur. Dozens of families of band party people who came from Uttar Pradesh have been living in the Chhath Bazar area of ​​Muzaffarpur for almost 100 years. Arif Masoodi, a resident of Band Mandi, says that our ancestors had come to Muzaffarpur in Bihar about 100 years ago, since then we have been enhancing the beauty of weddings in this city.

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