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Punjab Police in search of Amritpal He is dodging by becoming an impersonator, still he is far from being caught

S. Singh / Chandigarh. Amritpal Singh, the chief of “Waris Punjab De” and a Khalistani supporter, is now being speculated to have fled to Nepal. This input is also from the same intelligence agencies, who did not know that Amritpal had set up a temporary firing range in Jallupur Kheda village of Amritsar and formed “Anandpur Khalsa Fauj”. Amritpal is being searched by the police of many states including Punjab for the last 11 days and he is not hiding as a criminal. Rather he is roaming around as a tourist with his partner Papalpreet, taking selfies, drinking energy drinks. After all this, it is natural to raise a question mark on the functioning of the Punjab Police.

Punjab Police has caught more than 17 thousand drug smugglers
Talking about the Punjab Police, it is claimed that it has caught more than 17 thousand drug smugglers, 168 terrorists, 582 gangsters and 828 fugitives in a year. During this, police recovered 201 revolvers/pistols, 9 Tiffin Improvised Explosive Device (IED), 8.72 kg RDX and other explosives, 11 hand grenades, two sleeves of disposed rocket launcher, 30 drones and one loaded rocket propelled grenade along with 26 terrorists. Modules are busted.

However, Amritpal, who came to India after 7 months, performed an orgy in Punjab under the nose of the police and then allegedly reached Nepal roaming around like a tourist. Now the situation is such that the Government of India has to request Nepal not to allow it to flee to third countries.

How did the matter come to the fore?
It was not even a matter of murder or genocide, only on February 23 in Ajnala, Amritpal Singh, the head of “Waris Punjab De”, along with his supporters, raided a police station to get his comrade released. After which the matter caught fire. Following the incident, a senior intelligence officer was quoted as saying in a report in The Tribune that capturing Amritpal was not a big deal, but the problem was how to do it without making him a martyr?

Punjab police did not learn even from old mistakes
A month later, the Punjab Police has been able to expose and discredit Amritpal as he is absconding since March 18. However, the police need to answer questions for failing to gather intelligence. Not only this, the Punjab Police needs to learn from past mistakes. For example, the police could not catch the six shooters of singer Sidhu Moosewala in time, although four of them were hiding for an hour in the fields 10 km away from the crime scene. Two others who were killed in the encounter, Jagroop Singh alias Roopa and Manpreet Singh alias Mannu, had escaped from the Kusa Highway and roamed on the Link Road.

Who is leaking CCTV footage and pictures?
Similarly, Amritpal not only used roads to go to Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Nepal to escape from Jalandhar and the police kept patting themselves on the back by collecting CCTV footage. The CCTV footage and photographs of the fugitive along with his accomplice Papalpreet Singh, who hail from Punjab and Haryana, have raised serious questions as to who is behind these leaks?

It was not surprising to the police that Amritpal had hideouts in other states. Last year in October 2022, Amritpal did “Amrit Prachar” in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, in which 647 people participated, besides he also visited Haryana. The police had no intelligence about the temporary firing range in Jallupur Kheda village and the formation of the “Anandpur Khalsa Fauj”.

Delhi Police and intelligence agencies are also sluggish
Defending the police in a press conference, IG Sukhchain Singh Gill said that it had become difficult to catch Amritpal as he was changing his appearance. Meanwhile, the absence of central agencies and Delhi Police to nab Amritpal has come as a big surprise. The Delhi Police played a key role in arresting the killers of Sidhu Musewala and the attackers who hurled a rocket-propelled grenade at the Punjab Police Intelligence (HQ) in Mohali. Delhi Police and central agencies had identified the numbers of the accused through dump data and traced them electronically. In the case of Amritpal, this vigilance has been completely absent.

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