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Pushya Nakshatra 2022: Buying gold and silver in Pushya Nakshatra will bring happiness, know the auspicious time

Report – Abhishek Tripathi

Jabalpur. The demand for gold and silver increases on the festival of Dhanteras and Diwali. Actually, on the basis of beliefs, it is considered auspicious to buy gold and silver on Dhanteras. This is the reason why jewelery showrooms and shops start buzzing before Diwali arrives. Apart from this, due to the increasing demand for gold and silver, their prices also start increasing. However, this time before Diwali, customers need not be disappointed about the price of gold and silver. Instead of showing an increase in their prices, only a decline is visible. Due to this, happiness is being seen inside the customers.
Divya Tiwari, manager of Jabalpur’s renowned Ginami showroom PC Jewelers, told News18 Local that the rates of gold and silver have been falling continuously for the past few days. Actually, last week started with the increase in the price of these metals, but after that the prices of gold and silver have been falling continuously throughout the week. Because of this, there is curiosity among people about shopping. Today (Tuesday) we are also ready for Pushya Nakshatra. Let us tell you that Pushya Nakshatra is considered very auspicious in Indian tradition.

There is enthusiasm inside the customers on Pushya Nakshatra
Today is Pushya Nakshatra, which is the most important constellation before Diwali. In this Muhurta, the purchase of gold, silver, land, building, property etc. is considered very auspicious and fruitful. Knowing astrology, it is said that shopping on this day is very auspicious and there is always benefit from that shopping.

Pushya Nakshatra Muhurta
Pushya Nakshatra is today (18 October 2022). Whereas the beginning of Pushya Nakshatra will start from 5.13 am today and will continue till 8.02 am on Wednesday, October 19. In this also the most auspicious time will be from 9.15 am to 1.32 pm. However, the markets have been decorated for Diwali and Dhanteras. At the same time, after the epidemic of Corona, enthusiasm is visible again inside the people.

Gold and Silver Price in Jabalpur Today
24 carat gold per 10 grams: 50,430
22 carat gold per 10 grams: 46,550
1 kg silver : 61,950

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