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Python started coming out of the farm in UP, know about the biggest python in India?

New Delhi: In UP’s Jalaun (Jalaun News), the villagers were horrified to see a giant python coming out of a field. The people of Basti village also made a video, in which it is seen how the python is coming out of a pit made in the ground. There was a crowd of onlookers around. After some time he was released in the forest. Last year also a 16 feet long python was found in a sugarcane field in Lakhimpur Kheri district of UP. Often pythons come out in different parts of the country. In countries like Indonesia, such a giant python was seen which swallowed a human being. In such a situation, a question may arise in the minds of Indians that what is the length of the largest python found in India? What is the weight of the python found in India?

Six years ago, a 26-feet python was found in Malaysia and it was then considered the largest python ever caught by humans. Although there can be pythons bigger than 30 feet in the jungles of Amazon.

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world’s largest python
Now talking about the Indian python, it is considered to be the second largest python in the world. Anaconda comes first in the largest snake. The Green Anaconda can grow to over 30 feet long and weigh up to 250 kg. The largest of the pythons is the reticulated python (200 kg, 23+ feet). Indian pythons can grow up to 20 feet long.

Giant Burmese Python of India
The giant Burmese python (175+ kg) found in India is. The size of the female python is more than that of the male. Female Burmese can grow up to 19+ feet in length. Although they are mostly seen up to 13 feet. Pythons of this species are also found in Indonesia, South China and Florida in America. They can be found in the foothills of the Himalayas from Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh. These can also be seen in Odisha and Northeast.
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swallow the prey then digest it for a month
They are so huge that after hunting their prey, they take more than a month to digest it. The special thing about python is that it kills the prey by holding it and then swallows it directly. Generally Indian pythons have been found weighing up to 100-140 kg. Commonly found pythons are around 10 feet in length. White-yellow colored Indian pythons mostly live between trees or crevices in the ground. They can lay up to 100 eggs at a time.

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Experts tell this table on the weight of snakes and pythons.

  1. Green Anaconda 227 kg
  2. Burmese python 182.8 kg
  3. reticulated python 158 kg
  4. African rock python 113 kg
  5. Indian python 91 kg
  6. purple dragon 90kg
  7. Yellow Anaconda 55kg
  8. boa 45+ kg
  9. Dark Spotted Anaconda 30 kg
  10. Papuan python 22.5 kg



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