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‘Rahul Gandhi, revolution and respect for institutions…’, what did Navjot Singh Sidhu say after coming out of jail

Patiala. Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu was released from the Central Jail in Patiala on Saturday after nearly 10 months. When he came out of jail, he was wearing a sky blue jacket. It was expected that he would be released by the afternoon, but he came out of the jail at 5.53 pm. Sidhu’s supporters gathered outside the jail since morning to give him a grand welcome and raised slogans of ‘Navjot Sidhu Zindabad’.

After coming out of jail, Navjot Singh Sidhu attacked the government in his familiar style. Sidhu said, these institutions were sacred, the values ​​of the Constitution run these institutions. All of them are slaves today and listen to some people. They have been made rubber dolls and have been released after giving the keys. Sidhu said, I am not afraid of death, my wife was suffering from cancer, all this would not have happened if I had taken leave. He said, like a rock, I stand with every worker of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi.

Sidhu said, wherever the agenda of Hindutva does not work, they do this for appeasement of votes. He said, Sidhu came to the jail for the respect of the institutions, did not say sorry even once.

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Sidhu targeted the Punjab government
Targeting the Punjab government, Sidhu said, “I want to ask God, you have fooled the people of Punjab, you have become a newspaper chief minister.” Sidhu got one killed and got two more killed. BSF is standing on all the borders. The Center is equally responsible for this.

Sidhu said, whenever there is a dictatorship, a revolution has come. I say the name of revolution is Rahul Gandhi. Sidhu said, today democracy is in chains. Punjab is the shield of the country, efforts are being made to break it, efforts are being made to impose President’s rule in Punjab. Sidhu alleged, first the problem of law and order is created and then it is said that we have pacified it.

The former president of Punjab Congress said, “If you weaken Punjab, you will become weak yourself. I am not fighting for my family. Rahul Gandhi’s ancestors had liberated this country. Rahul Gandhi is cutting the shackles of democracy. When the lion roars, its roar is echoing in America, Germany and the whole world today.

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