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Railways did wonders by running a three and a half km long train, know how much distance it covered in 11 hours – Video

Super Vasuki Train: You must have taken many train journeys in your life, during this time you must have seen very long freight trains. Generally, freight trains are also longer than passenger trains. In a way, these long-haul goods trains work to carry important goods inside the country. Have you ever heard of a 3.5 km long freight train? It is definitely surprising to hear about such a long train. In Chhattisgarh, the 3.5 km long goods train has been run with 6 engines. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav himself has given this information by tweeting.

Train ran with 27,000 tonnes of coal
Actually, Indian Railways achieved another historic achievement under the Amrit Festival of Independence. A 3.5 km long goods train was run in South-East Central Railway zone Bilaspur on August 15 with six locomotives and 295 wagons. This long goods train carrying 27,000 tonnes of coal ran from Korba in Chhattisgarh to Paramkala in Rajnandgaon, 260 km away. The train took 11 hours 20 minutes to cover this distance. At the same time, the Railways got a revenue of Rs 2.54 crore in the form of ‘freight’ from this long goods train.

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Staff savings, reduced traffic pressure
Railway Minister tweeted about ‘Super Vasuki’, the name of this goods train made by connecting five goods trains has been named ‘Super Vasuki’ by the Railways. Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav also shared this achievement on his Twitter handle and called it the longest freight train in the country. South-East Central Railway is continuously conducting such successful experiments. Earlier on 22 January 2021, five empty goods trains were brought from Bhilai to Korba. It was named Vasuki.

Apart from these, long distance trains named Anaconda, Super Anaconda, Sheshnag have also been operated from Bilaspur zone. Railway officials say that by connecting three or five goods trains together, the operation not only saves staff, but also reduces the traffic pressure on the railway track. With this, coal can be delivered to power houses on time.

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