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Rain wreaked havoc in Maharashtra, so far 121 people died, potholes on the roads became fatal

Maharashtra Rains: So far 121 people have died due to heavy rains in Maharashtra but 7 people have died due to potholes in Thane, Bhiwandi, Kalyan and Dombivli adjoining Mumbai. People are dying because of the negligence of the administration. So far 2 people have died due to potholes in Bhiwandi city, while 3 people on Mumbai Nashik Highway, one person each in Kalyan and Dombivli have died due to potholes.

road in potholes or potholes on roads

In the city of Bhiwandi, except for the flyover, the entire city is full of potholes, due to which people are facing a lot of difficulties. On the condition of the deteriorating roads, City Engineer of Bhiwandi Municipal Corporation Laxman Gaikwad told ABP News that the Bhiwandi area has received 1,800 mm of rain so far. A separate team has been appointed to fill the potholes in the municipal area. Due to heavy rains, the cold mix being used is not able to survive properly.

The officers remained silent after hearing the question

The official said that there are spots where even after filling the pit repeatedly, potholes are happening again. Roads are being repaired even after the rain. A project will be started soon where 52 roads will be made of dambar. In Bhiwandi area, there has been only one death due to this which happened on 7th August, but that area comes under pwd department. When the officer asked who is responsible for these deaths? The officer said in response that he cannot comment on this.

Statistics show that in Bhiwandi-Wada road, Thane district, more than 400 civilians have died suddenly in 7 years and 7 people have lost their lives due to these potholes in the last 2 months.

So many lives have been lost so far

The first incident took place on 5 July 2022 where Sufian Sheikh (cyclist) died at Kaju Pada, Ghodbunder Road.

The second incident is of 16 July 2022, where two people died on two wheelers on Mumbai Nashik Highway, Kharegaon Bridge.

The third incident took place on 16 July 2022, where Ankit Thaiva (cyclist) died in Kalyan-Badlapur, Khoni.

The fourth incident is of 23 July 2022, where Brijesh Kumar Jaiswal (cyclist) died on Mumbai Nashik Highway, Rajnoli.

The fifth incident is of 7 August 2022, where Bhiwandi-Wada Road, Nadi Nak Ashok Kabadi (biker) died.

The sixth incident is of 16 August 2022, where Sayeed Pathan 40 (cyclist) died in Bhiwandi-Wada Road, Kudas-Palghari.

A daughter saw her father’s death in front of her eyes

Seventh Incident About an incident on 7 August 2022, Aditi Kabadi told that she had come to the city with her father Ashok Kabadi to see the idol of Ganpati Bappa. But he and his father had an accident due to the pit and Aditi lost her father. Aditi is 27 years old and lives with her mother and brother. Aditi was also injured in this accident.

She told that she had left the house with her father around 11 o’clock but around 11.30 we had an accident. A truck was standing in front of the road, so I slowed down the speed of my car but the truck coming from behind did not slow down and hit us. My father came under the truck, I survived.

daughter pleaded with the administration

Aditi told that till now no official of the Metropolitan Municipality has come to meet us, nor any leader, but the worst thing is that after the accident, that road has not been corrected till now. The pits have not yet been filled. Today this accident happened to me, tomorrow someone else may also be a victim. The administration is requested to pay attention to the contractors to whom the work is given. Roads should be fixed. Considering the seriousness of the government, strict steps should be taken.

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