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Rajasthan: 6-year-old boy strangled to death, put the body in a sack and threw it on the roof of his house


Incident happened in Padampur police station area
The child who was the victim of the murder was missing since afternoon
Case registered against neighbor woman and her male friend

Shri Ganga Nagar. A 6-year-old innocent was brutally murdered in Sriganganagar district of Rajasthan. This incident of murder took place in the Padampur police station area of ​​the district. Police recovered the body and kept it in the mortuary of the local hospital. His post-mortem will be done there today. The dead body of the innocent was found lying on the terrace in his own house. Sensation spread in the area due to the information of the murder of the innocent. The police is busy investigating the whole matter in depth. As of now, there is no clue about the reasons for the murder and the killers. The relatives of the innocent have registered a case of murder against a woman living in their neighborhood and her male friend in this regard.

According to the police, this incident of murder of an innocent took place on Sunday in Sajna Colony of Padampur town. There the body of Sajan alias Sonu Sindhi’s six-year-old son Tushar was found lying on the roof of his own house. Tushar was missing since afternoon. His family members searched him here and there but nothing could be found of him. During this, the family went to the terrace in search of him. There was a sack lying there. When I opened it, I saw Tushar’s body in it. Seeing the dead body of the innocent, there was a furore among the family members.

strangulation marks from the wire found on the neck of the innocent
As soon as the information was received, there was a gathering of people around there and the police was informed. On information, the police reached the spot, took the dead body of the innocent in their possession and kept it in the mortuary of Padampur Hospital. Police officials conducted a thorough inspection of the spot. Wire marks have been found on the neck of the innocent. Police have feared that Tushar may have been strangled to death. Soon this news spread like fire in the whole town.

Dispute with neighbor has come to the fore in police investigation
Preliminary police investigation has revealed that Sajan alias Sonu Sindhi has three children. Tushar was the youngest. Sukhpreet Kaur Baazigar lives in the neighborhood of Saajan. A young man named Laxman Verma is his friend. A few days ago, Sukhpreet had called Sajan’s wife from her mobile. After that Laxman’s phone calls started coming on Saajan’s wife’s mobile. He objected to this. After that there was some dispute between Sajan’s family and Sukhpreet. The police is trying to find out the reasons for the murder by linking the whole matter to this controversy. The police have rounded up both the accused.

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