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Rajasthan: 9-year-old innocent girl killed, body cut into 10 pieces and thrown in ruins, people are horrified


The incident took place in Mavli police station area of ​​Udaipur
The innocent girl who was a victim of murder went missing on March 27.
The pieces of the dead body of the innocent girl have been packed in two bags and thrown in the ruins.

Udaipur. A sensational case of brutal murder of a 9-year-old tribal innocent girl has come to light in Lopra village of Mavli police station area of ​​Udaipur. After killing this innocent girl, the poor cut her body into 10 pieces and threw it in a ruin. Police have found body parts inside polythene from the ruins. However, the police have not yet got any concrete clue in this matter. The police have started questioning several suspects in custody. But when, who and why the innocent girl was killed, nothing has been known yet.

This innocent girl of tribal society went missing from her home on 27th March. After that its missing was registered in Mavli police station. For the last few days, the search for the girl child was going on continuously. In the meantime, people’s attention was drawn to the smell of a ruin at some distance from his house. Its information was given to the Mavli police station. When the police reached the spot, there were two pieces of dead body lying inside the polythene. The dead body of this innocent girl was cut into 10 pieces and thrown away. As soon as the information about this sensational case was received, the top police officers rushed to the spot.

Postmortem done by medical board in the presence of relatives
According to the primary information, after killing this girl, the dead body has been thrown into the ruins. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, Dog Squad and FSL team have also been called on the spot. All the severed parts of the body have been kept in the mortuary of MB Hospital. The post-mortem has been completed by the medical board in the presence of police officers and family members in the mortuary. Now the primary information of the post mortem report is awaited. On the basis of that the investigation will proceed.

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After the murder, there is anger in the whole village.
After the brutal murder of an innocent girl, anger has spread in the entire village. In such a situation, the police officers are trying to pacify the matter. The villagers demand that the accused be arrested at the earliest and compensation be given to the family members. Not only this, the market of these discussions is also hot whether this innocent girl has been murdered somewhere after rape or whether this matter is related to human sacrifice. However, till now the police is not clarifying its position on both the aspects.

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