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Rajasthan Congress: What option do Pilot and party leadership have after Gehlot’s provocation?

Rajasthan Political Crisis: The civil war of Rajasthan Congress has once again come to the fore. Flaying the party’s order not to make statements against each other, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot termed former state president Sachin Pilot’s rebellion two years ago as a betrayal and made it clear that Pilot would not be acceptable to him as CM. Earlier in September, Gehlot camp has shown eyes to the messengers of Sonia Gandhi.

Describing Gehlot’s allegations as baseless after the latest bombardment, Pilot advised that instead of making Gehlot feel insecure, the leadership of Kharge, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi should be strengthened. On the other hand, Congress also took cognizance of Gehlot’s provocative statement and issued a statement saying that the matter of Rajasthan will be resolved keeping in mind the party’s interest. At present, it is the responsibility of all the people of the party to strengthen the success of Bharat Jodo Yatra in North India. Is. That is, the party has made it clear that the decision of Rajasthan is pending.

Important decision can be taken after Gujarat elections

Actually, the Congress leadership can take important decisions regarding Rajasthan after the Gujarat elections. Ashok Gehlot, who is handling the responsibility of the supervisor of the Gujarat elections, has given a blow to the party leadership by openly speaking against Pilot in the middle of the election. Sachin Pilot is said to be the choice of the Gandhi family, while CM Gehlot’s credibility has weakened after the rebellion of his MLAs before the proposed meeting of the Legislature Party in September.

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Does Congress see the future of Rajasthan in Pilot?

Meanwhile, the way Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Sachin Pilot were seen walking together in the Bharat Jodo Yatra on Thursday, the message was clear that Rahul and Priyanka see the future of Rajasthan in Sachin Pilot. Perhaps sensing this signal, now Gehlot has publicly informed the party leadership about his stand. In fact, in the middle of this year, when Sonia Gandhi proposed to Ashok Gehlot to become the Congress President, then Gehlot had also told his opinion to the former Congress President that he was not interested in the Rajasthan CM’s chair but wanted to pilot it. Not approved.

Gehlot met Sonia Gandhi and apologized

Even before the nomination of Ashok Gehlot for the post of Congress President, the Congress leadership called a meeting of the Rajasthan Legislature Party in Jaipur on September 25, in which the party high command was to be authorized to choose the next leader ie Chief Minister, but the meeting of the Legislature Party Just before, when the Gehlot camp got apprehension that Sachin Pilot was preparing to be made the CM, then there was such a rebellion that supervisor Kharge and in-charge Maken, who had gone from Delhi, had to return empty-handed in anger. After the new development, Gehlot met Sonia Gandhi and publicly apologized and dropped out of the race for party president. Congress has issued show cause notices to three people including two ministers of Gehlot on charges of indiscipline.

Has the issue of Rajasthan gone in cold storage?

After this, Mallikarjun Kharge became the Congress President through elections and since then the matter of Rajasthan went into cold storage. No action was taken against Gehlot’s close ones. Angered by this, Ajay Maken offered to resign from the post in charge. If sources are to be believed, Kharge, who has become an observer in Rajasthan, is not in favor of removing Gehlot, while Maken wants to make Pilot the CM in his place. The basis of Maken’s stand is the ground survey and he also has the support of Priyanka Gandhi. However, according to sources close to Kharge, the decision on Rajasthan has been postponed due to Gujarat elections and Bharat Jodo Yatra.

Bharat Jodo Yatra will reach Rajasthan soon

Interestingly, Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra is about to reach Rajasthan in ten days, where there is a deep gulf between the two tallest leaders of the party. There are also elections in the state within a year. There has been a tradition of changing the government since the last several elections. Congress is trying to break this tradition in Rajasthan, but for that the party will have to put its house in order.

Will Gehlot become the CM and Pilot the state president once again?

Congress has lost two assembly elections when Gehlot was the CM. Veteran Ashok Gehlot wants to remove this big stain on himself next year, but a section in the Congress feels that only a young face like Sachin Pilot can change the custom of changing the government after five years in Rajasthan. Pilot also has an idea that if not now then maybe never, but the fear of mobilizing other castes against the Gujar community Sachin Pilot comes from is also haunting the Congress. To strike a balance, it can be decided to make Pilot the state president again along with CM Gehlot. However, this can increase complexity.

Congress will lose from Rajasthan due to one mistake

Jat leader Harish Chaudhary’s Channi-like lottery can be played in this quarrel, but the latest example of how risky it can be is in front in the form of Punjab. If the Congress government comes to power in Himachal Pradesh, then the party can take the risk of experimenting in Rajasthan. It has to be seen what decision Kharge and Gandhi family take regarding Rajasthan? If the bet is not right, then Rajasthan will go hand in hand, its effect can be seen from Chhattisgarh to Karnataka.

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