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Rajasthan: Couple shocked the hearts of people, both tied their hands and jumped in the canal and then…

Hanumangarh. The Indira Gandhi Canal flowing in western Rajasthan is becoming a suicide point in Hanumangarh district. Here once again a couple committed suicide by jumping into the canal. The reasons for the suicide are yet to be disclosed. But according to the preliminary investigation of the police, the couple has taken this step due to a domestic dispute. The police got the bodies of both of them out and got their post-mortem done. This time this heart-wrenching suicide incident took place in Rawatsar police station area.

According to Rawatsar police station officer Ravindra Naruka, a couple committed suicide by jumping into the Indira Gandhi canal near Modhunagar village here on Sunday. The deceased have been identified as Surendra, a resident of Rawatsar, and his wife Krishna. On Sunday morning, both parked their bikes on the banks of the canal and tied their hands. Later both jumped into the canal. Villagers informed about this to Rawatsar police.

The bodies could be retrieved after about an hour of effort.
On this, the Rawatsar police, showing readiness, reached the spot and started searching for both of them in the canal. The bodies of both were recovered from the canal after an hour’s effort. Although the reasons for the suicide have not been fully disclosed, but in the preliminary investigation, domestic dispute is being considered as the reason for the suicide. During this there was a huge gathering of people around there.

The number of suicides in the canal is increasing continuously.
It is noteworthy that in Hanumangarh district, the process of committing suicide by jumping into the canal is increasing continuously. For the past few years, this canal has started becoming a suicide point. Not only suicide, but the incidents of vehicles falling in the canal are also increasing continuously. If the records of the past few days are explored, then the number of people who committed suicide by jumping into the canal has increased rapidly. Similarly, the number of mass suicides is increasing in Barmer in western Rajasthan. There water stitches are becoming suicide points.

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