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Rajasthan: Immoral work was being done in spas and cafes, police raided, UIT seized

Alwar. Alwar Nagar Vikas Nyas has seized 7 cafes and spas being operated without license. I had taken action for indulging in immoral acts. Now it is learned that these cafe and spa operators did not even have licenses. These days the business of cafes and spas is going on in full swing in the city. Many of these are working together with a license, while many are also engaged in carrying out unethical activities without a license. The police took action on this information.

Kumarsambhav Awasthi, Executive Engineer, Urban Development Trust, said that the police had recently taken action on 7 cafes and spas on Manu Marg, in which 21 youths were caught here on the basis of immoral acts. After this, today the Municipal Development Trust sought license from all the shopkeepers to run cafes and spas, but they were found not to have a license.

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Cafe and Spa were seized in two hours
After that, in collaboration with Alwar City Kotwali Police, today the team of Nagar Vikas Nyas took action to seal all the seven cafes and spas. The team of Nagar Vyas Vikas Nyas reached there at 5 pm on Tuesday. Wherever girls and boys were detained from spas and cafes involved in immoral acts, all those cafes and spas were seized after a crackdown of about 2 hours.

Outside girls indulge in immoral acts
It is noteworthy that the Alwar police was getting information about immoral activities in spas and cafes for a long time. On this basis, on November 1, the Kotwali police took major action. After this there was a stir here. According to the police, immoral acts were being done here in the name of cafes and spas. Cafe operators used to call girls from outside and get them to do immoral acts in the name of massage.

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