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Rajasthan Olympic Association: Swords drawn in the association that remained united for 40 years, 2 factions are making claims


If the ad comes from the Indian Olympic Association, then no one will need to give evidence – Vyas
Saraswat faction said 80 percent sports federations with us, get the elections conducted, the one who has the majority will win

Jaipur. The controversies and tussle that has been going on for almost a year in the Rajasthan Olympic Association is not over yet. There are two unions in the state and both of them are trying their best to be real and original with their own arguments. That is, everything is still not all is well in the Rajasthan Olympic Association. There is a lot of confusion among the players of the state regarding this. The claim of the office bearers of both the groups of Rajasthan Olympic Association to claim themselves to be correct may come to an end in December. But for many players and sports federations, the battle between these groups remains an unsolved puzzle.

In fact, it has been one and a half years since the death of Janardan Singh Gehlot, who was the President of Rajasthan Olympic Association for nearly forty years. The Sangh, which was united during Gehlot’s time, is visible today divided into two parts. There are two factions of the Olympic Association in the state. One is the Anil Vyas faction and the other is the Arun Saraswat group. The Olympic Association formed by the Saraswat faction recently approved the annual grant and budget by meeting the General Assembly. It was also decided that the sports union officials who became the reason for the dispute in the union should be suspended. Arun Saraswat says that some people have made a wrong attempt to run IOA and Rajasthan Olympic Association parallel.

Saraswat Group claims 80% of sports federations are with us

He says that he has now taken the stand of the court against such people. They hope that the decision will be in their favor. Regarding the second Olympic association in the state, the Saraswat group says that the other group is not accepting the arbitration of the state body. Arun Saraswat has alleged that the state sports association has been wrongly formed in association with IOA secretary Rajeev Mehta. His group has conducted elections and even today he has 80% of the sports federations. They are ready for re-election, whoever has the majority will win the election.

Vyas Group claims, IOA is with us

On the other hand, the Olympic Association headed by Ramvatar Singh Jakhar does not accept this. They consider themselves to be the real Rajasthan Olympic Association. They say that you will find a direct example of this on the website of IOA. Whose information given should not be doubted by anyone. Teams came to play under our banner in the National Games. In this the CBM of Rajasthan has been appointed from our union. Anil Vyas says that when we get an ad from the Indian Olympic Association, then you will not feel the need to give proof of this to anyone. He is regularly participating in the IOA meetings.

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