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Rajasthan: Open challenge of gangsters in Jaipur, fired 19 rounds, said – everyone’s number will come


Firing took place in Jaipur’s Jawaharnagar police station area
Miscreants fired 19 at G-Club in Jawahar Nagar
The shooters have described themselves as members of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang.

Vishnu Sharma.

Jaipur. In the capital Jaipur, the gangster has given an open challenge to the police and the general public. Gangsters have challenged this challenge by firing more than 19 rounds at G-Club located in Jawahar Circle police station area of ​​Pinkcity. Even after 36 hours, no clue has been found about the miscreants who terrorized the pink city by firing. The firing miscreants are associated with the infamous Lawrence Bishnai Gang. He took the responsibility of firing by posting on social media. Not only this, he has given an open challenge by throwing a slip at the crime scene and said that remember everyone’s number will come.

DCP East Rajeev Pachar said that the incident of firing took place late on Saturday around 1 pm. Riding on a bike, 3 miscreants fired 19 rounds at the gate outside G-Club. After this, the miscreants threw the threat written on the paper at the gate of the club and ran away. Some footage of the miscreants have been received by the police. The miscreants are being searched on the basis of the footage. Hrithik Boxer of Lawrence Bishnoi Group has taken the responsibility of firing by posting on social media. It is being verified.

from your city (Jaipur)

No trace of the miscreants was found
The DCP told that the police is raiding the possible hideouts of the miscreants. Along with the District Special Team East, the Commissionerate Special Team has also been deployed to nab the miscreants. Whether there is any enmity between the miscreants with the club operators is also being investigated at this point. After the incident, the police also got A-category blockade done, but no clue of the miscreants was found. In this regard, the owner of Zee Club, Akshay Gurnani has registered a case. The police is engaged in a thorough investigation of the whole matter.

This is how the miscreants took responsibility
After spreading panic by firing, Hrithik Boxer of Lawrence Bishnoi Group has taken responsibility for this firing by posting on his social media account. Posting the scoundrel Hrithik Boxer wrote that ‘Ram-Ram Jaipur. The firing that took place at G-Club Jaipur was done by Hrithik Boxer, Anmol Bishnoi (Lawrence Bishnoi gang). Remember everyone’s number will come. Hail Balkari. LB gang.

There is a stir in Jaipur police
There has been a stir in the Jaipur police after miscreants took the responsibility of firing by posting on social media. The miscreants are now openly challenging the Jaipur police and they are looking helpless in front of them. It is noteworthy that the henchmen of Lawrence Bishnoi Group are constantly challenging the Jaipur Police. Here various businessmen are being threatened by demanding extortion of crores of rupees. Gangsters have now started spreading terror by firing in the open.

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