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Rajasthan: Poisonous insects became enemies of farmers’ lives, then put a farmer to sleep.


The incident happened in Nainwan area of ​​Bundi district
Poisonous insects have put many people to death in the past
The fear of poisonous snakes and insects remains in the rain in Bundi.

Bundi. Once again a farmer became a victim of poisonous insects in Bundi district of Kota division of Rajasthan. In Bundi district, there is a furore in the family of the farmer due to this accident in Nainwan police station area. The police have handed over the body to the relatives after conducting a post-mortem. What was this poisonous worm, it is not known at the moment. Even before this in Bundi, many people have died due to bites of snakes and other poisonous insects. Especially farmers are victims of these insects.

According to the police, this time the incident took place in Hirapur village of Nainwa police station area. There farmer Ramprasad (55) son Ramdhan Dhakad was working on his farm on Wednesday. During this time he was bitten by some poisonous insect. Due to this, farmer Ramprasad suddenly fell unconscious. The family took him straight to the local hospital. There the doctors gave first aid to the farmer and referred him to the Higher Center.

In the past too many farmers have become victims of poisonous insects.
After that the family took the farmer to Uniara Hospital. There the doctors declared Ramprasad dead after checkup. Later this information was given to the police. After reaching the hospital, the police handed over the dead body to the family members. The relatives told that Ramprasad was bitten by some poisonous insect. Such poisonous insects have already killed many farmers.

There are also many incidents of snakebites in Bundi.
It is noteworthy that Bundi is a very small district of Rajasthan. But the number of forests in this district is considerable. Due to this, many other poisonous creatures including snakes come out of the bills during the rainy season. Their biggest danger is the farmers working in the fields. Incidents of snakebites also occur in this district. Recently, where mother and son had died due to the bite of a poisonous snake here. While sleeping before that, two siblings were bitten by the snake, due to which both of them died.

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