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Rajiv Gandhi Assassination: Were all the convicts released straight away, or is there a lot to be done; learn


Rajiv Gandhi assassination convicts all released from jail
Supreme Court issued the decision of release
Two Indians, while four convicts are Sri Lankan citizens

Chennai. The Supreme Court may have released the convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, but they still have a lot to do. They have to collect many types of documents and have to run. Nalini Sriharan will first have to leave Chennai and go to the special women’s jail in Vellore. His parole is ending by the end of this week. Only after that she can do the rest of the paperwork related to her release. Ravichandran’s parole has been extended only on Thursday. He can stay out for a month comfortably. In the meanwhile he has to complete the paperwork.

Apart from these two, Robert Payas, Santhan, Sriharan and Jayakumar are foreigners i.e. citizens of Sri Lanka. Since, there are burning wood for the administration. That’s why the immigration officials have already got their documents ready after talking to the jail administration. His emergency travel documents are also ready. Sources reveal that the administration wants to send them to Sri Lanka as soon as possible.

Now it will be interesting to see whether all four will agree to this, or Sriharan will go to court to get some more time. Officials say that they will see the hardcopy (paper document) of the Supreme Court’s decision before taking any action. However, the Supreme Court has written in the judgment that whatever instructions are given in case of emergency, they will be effective immediately.

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