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Rameshwar Jute Mill: Work stalled in Rameshwar Jute Mill, workers accuse manager of breaking promise

Reporter – Ritesh Kumar

Samastipur. The workers of the only Rameshwar jute mill in North Bihar have stopped work. The workers say that the workers are misbehaved by the mill management and are not getting their due rights. The workers have refused to work alleging that they have violated the promise. With this, once again Rameshwar is on the verge of hanging in jute. Let us tell you that this jute mill is in Bhagalpur panchayat under Kalyanpur block of Samastipur district.

The workers say that there is arbitrariness by the mill manager, as well as misbehavior with the workers and playing with their rights. The insurance of the workers has been stopped by the mill manager without any notice. Along with this, the amount of PF and other facilities have been denied, which is a violation of the promise made with the workers. Because of this, the laborers stopped work and reached near the administrative building and sat on a dharna in the mill premises.

Mill manager gave information to police and CO
Seeing the crowd becoming uncontrollable after the workers stopped work and sat down near the administrative building, the mill manager informed the Kalyanpur police and the CO. As soon as the information was received, CO Kamlesh Kumar and Kalyanpur police station chief Gautam Kumar reached the spot with Dalbal and started talks with the mill management with the help of the local public representative. However, in the initial phase, the mill manager has been asked to sit with the 5-member team of the labor leader and keep the minimum condition, so that the mill can be run.

What is the condition of workers?
The workers say that about 3000 workers are employed in the jute mill and work is done in 3 shifts in the mill. 1000 workers work in a shift. In such a situation, if something untoward happens to a laborer, then those laborers will neither get any benefit nor will they get timely treatment. There is always a fear of accident in the mind of the workers. In view of these circumstances, the worker has first demanded that according to the labor law, medical facility should be available to the worker at SI Hospital Headquarters and insurance of all the workers of the mill should be implemented. The PF of the workers has been closed for a long time and it should be started online. The workers have promised to return to their work with other conditions including loan facility to the workers within 15 days.

Positive initiative could not be taken at the level of mill manager
Kalyanpur police station chief Gautam Kumar and CO Kamlesh Kumar, who were talking with the mill manager, and the local chief, could not find any positive initiative in the talks that lasted for about 6 to 7 hours, due to which there has been a lot of resentment among the workers. Laborer Deepak Rai told that until the interest of the workers is not discussed, the workers will not return to work.

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