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Ravidas Jayanti: This is a unique devotee of Saint Ravidas ji! Reached Kashi by cycling 1200 km

Report- Abhishek Jaiswal
Varanasi. The 646th birth anniversary of Saint Shiromani Ravidas ji is to be celebrated on 5 February. Preparations have been completed in Sir Govardhan at his birthplace for the birth anniversary of Saint Ravidas. Apart from India, devotees from Europe and America are also coming here to visit. Amidst all this, a true and great devotee of Saint Ravidas is being discussed in the entire fair area. This devotee of Saint Ravidas has come here after traveling 1200 kilometers not by train, plane or any luxury vehicle but by bicycle.

In fact, Sunil Kumar, a resident of Karnal, Haryana, has been coming here for many years to visit Saint Ravidas on the occasion of his birth anniversary. But this time he went on a journey from Karnal to Kashi on a bicycle to spread the message of Saint Ravidas to the masses. It took him 11 days for this journey of 1200 kms.

Started the journey on 22 January
Talking to News 18 Local, Sunil Kumar told that the journey from Karnal to Kashi by bicycle was difficult. But with the blessings of Saint Ravidas, he did not face any problem. He told that on January 22 he had set out on his journey and on February 1 he reached Govardhan, the head of Kashi. Let us tell that Sunil is a laborer by profession but his true devotion and devotion towards Saint Ravidas brought him here.

will serve for 1 week
Sunil told that now for about 1 week he will serve the people by staying at this rate of Saint Guru Ravidas. After that, on February 8, he will return to Karnal in Kashi.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : February 03, 2023, 14:47 IST

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