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Read the story of the struggle of an ‘orphan’, who took 7 years to get an Indian passport

New Delhi: Vishal Mridul Mandal, 29, is extremely happy. The reason for happiness, after 7 years, his passport has arrived. In fact, getting a passport for someone is not a big achievement. But for the giant. Because what happened to them to get a passport, it does not happen to everyone. Now, Vishal’s hopelessness is winged by ‘hope’. When will he fly with this passport? He will also share this good news soon, this is Vishal’s promise to us.

But before the flight of Vishal’s dreams, let’s see the journey of life from his ‘ground reality’. From where the poignant story of Vishal’s ‘being’ and ‘becoming’ begins. At the end of this story is the struggle of 7 years. In which he wandered in 3 states. Petition for passport on Change.org, 30 thousand people signed the petition, came out in support. Then the ‘orphan’ Vishal got the recognition of being an ‘Indian’.

This whole story, in his own words
By the way, parents, relatives are all from South 24 Parganas of West Bengal. But it is heard from relatives that the parents lived in Delhi only. I was the only son. When I was 6 years old. Then it was revealed that mother’s name is Abha and father’s name is Ashok Mandal. I have heard from others that my father used to drive a rickshaw. He had passed away. Mother used to wipe the broom at someone’s place in Daryaganj. After the death of the father, the mother had married someone else, went somewhere with him. After my mother’s departure, one of my aunts often used to come to take care of me.

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Yes… I have neither seen mother nor father. When you regained consciousness Found himself near Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station. I remember very well, hanging a sack of dirty plastic on his shoulder used to pick up empty bottles and plastic garbage around the tracks. At night, he used to sleep at the station itself. In those days, Childline 1098 caught sight of me. They took him to a day care center named PCI. He studied in the centre. Food was also available there. The lure of food would drag her to the day care center everyday. He used to fall asleep at the station in the evening. In the center Somashree madam saw that I am good in studies. He sent the shelter home to Wazirabad. Mam only got admission.

There he used to teach sewing, handicraft things. Since there was education till the fifth standard. So in 2006, the child support was sent to New Delhi from there. Been in Child Support from 2006 to December 2008. There he enrolled in the sixth. Staying there started going to cultural programs. English speaking and vocational training was available. Studied till class VIII in the School of Child Cooperation. When he was 16 years old, from there in 2010, Prayas was sent to Jahangirpur. Vocational training started getting in the effort too. There, the training of housekeeping and kunking was available. Since he was 18 years old, he came to Sri Aurobindo Ashram Hojkhas from there. Stayed there for two and a half years. Learned breakery, kitchen work. There, during the summer holidays, Gandharva was sent to the college for dance and other activities for three months. From there he learned dance and rock lining. Find a job for myself in Mumbai in 2014. Also won Mumbai choreographer Shiamak Davar Scholarship for dance training. Took part in the award show.

Now the struggle for passport starts from Mumbai
In those days, the boys working in cooking, housekeeping in Mumbai were going abroad for jobs. There was hope in my heart too. where he lived. It was a night shelter. From there applied for passport. Show all documents. Passport Office took the application along with the documents. But in police verification it was rejected saying that it is a shelter home. Then after that he started doing housekeeping job in Taj Hotel. There, the servant lived in the quarters. Applied again after taking NOC for passport from Taj Hotel. But then at the time of police verification, it was rejected saying this is the workplace. When I saw that it could not be made from Mumbai. Came back to Delhi.

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Looking for job in Delhi. Permission was obtained from the organization. Applied with effort. The passport department took the papers. But got rejected by police verification, argued that you are 18 years old, so you cannot get a passport made from the address of the children’s home. The documents then were Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter Card, Driving License and School Certificate. Rejected from Delhi, he went to West Bengal because relatives lived there. Stayed with great aunt. Get all the documents rebuilt there. Freshly applied in Kolkata. Passport department took all the papers. But while verifying the police, this time questions were raised on citizenship itself. Hence, the passport file was put on hold. As soon as the question of citizenship came up. I returned to Delhi.

Came and sent a letter to the Chief Passport Officer, Secretary, Women and Child Development Department, Government of India. Requested that I am an orphan. Give me citizenship certificate. Or get a birth certificate made. In response to this, a letter was sent to the Joint Secretary to the Government of India, Chief Secretary, West Bengal, and asked to take cognizance of my issue. From here again went to Kolkata. Chief Secretary Women and Child Development met West Bengal. He didn’t help. In the end, the passport of West Bengal was cancelled. Returned to Delhi again. Since I was always searching for something useful for life on Google. From there I saw Change.org for the petition. I also started a petition (Change.org/MeraPassport), asking for support by writing an incomplete story. I myself did not know then that thousands of people would come out in support on my story.

More than 30 thousand people came out in my support and signed the petition. The effect of this was that in December last year, a letter came to the Child Welfare Committee on behalf of the Secretary, Delhi Women and Child Development. Ordered for declaration by making orphan certificate, birth certificate. Then the magistrate inquired. Got all the information. Wherever you stayed in the institute, get the papers from there. Eventually I was declared an orphan. My guardianship was taken by the child welfare committee. On the same basis, on 22 September 2022, Vishal Mridul Mandal’s passport was made. Vishal Hal is currently a servant in the house of an American citizen. The American has promised to take America with him. Apart from this, Vishal is applying himself for jobs in crewship.

At last Vishal asked us a question
That question is for all of us. From the society, from the system. ‘Sir, I struggled and got my passport and documents made. But there are many orphans like me, what about their citizenship’.



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