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Ready for smuggling for Rs 300, put 1KG gold in the stomach through ‘Anus’, BSF arrested on the border

New Delhi. These days the 112th Battalion of the Border Security Force is deployed at the Amudia Border Out Post under South Bengal Frontier. On January 30, last night, some BSF personnel posted at this post were patrolling the India-Bangladesh border. Then his eyes fell on a person walking near the barbed wire.

BSF jawans found the actions of this person very suspicious. They stopped this suspicious person and started searching with metal detector. During the search, as soon as the metal detector went near his waist, it started beeping. BSF jawans searched all the clothes of this suspicious person, but nothing was found in it.

X-ray revealed the secret of sleeping in stomach
On the other hand, the continuous beep of the metal detector was telling that something suspicious is present with this person. Finally, BSF personnel took the suspect to a nearby hospital, where an X-ray of his stomach was done. On seeing the X-ray film, the eyes of every person present there were left wide open.

Actually, X-ray was telling that many gold biscuits are filled in the lower part of this person’s stomach. Under the supervision of doctors, these biscuits were taken out of the stomach and then the process of questioning started. During interrogation, this person told that these gold biscuits were given to him by Rahim, who lives in Satkhira (Bangladesh). After that, he hid these eight gold biscuits in his stomach through the anus.

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Was doing smuggling for only 300 rupees
Rahim had to hand over these 8 gold biscuits to Suresh, who lives in Bithari area of ​​North 24 Parganas. In lieu of this work, he was going to get a total of 300 rupees. Before he could succeed in his plan, BSF jawans caught him. BSF has handed over the accused to the custom officials along with the recovered biscuits.

The Commanding Officer of 112 Battalion told that the accused taken into custody has been identified as Madai Mandal. He is a resident of 24 North Parganas. The weight of 8 gold biscuits recovered from his possession has been found to be 932 grams, the value of which has been estimated at Rs 54,78,855. He told that BSF is trying to nab Suresh, who was supposed to get this consignment of gold.

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