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Real time information about the battlefield, army preparation, these indigenous companies will prepare 5 weapons

Swadeshi Weapon: Internet-connected radio sets, anti-drone systems, loitering munitions and precision bombs are now going to be indigenous for real time information of the battlefield. This is the reason that taking a big step towards becoming self-reliant in the defense sector, the Indian Army has selected five (05) such weapons and military equipment under Make in India, whose projects will be prepared by indigenous companies.

According to the Indian Army, the Make-2 project which has been approved. Under this, Indian vendors (companies) will do proto-type design, development and innovative solutions for these five weapons and military equipment. If the prototype is successful, then after that the army will also order these companies.

These are five Make in India projects

  • Drone kill system 18 indigenous MSME companies and start-ups have been selected for this anti-drone system. In this project, 35 types of drone kill system sets are to be prepared. These systems are to be designed to hard-kill low radio cross section drones and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).
  • Medium Range Precision Kill System (MRPKS) i.e. lautering-munition- The kamikazee drone, which loiters in the sky for about two hours, should have a range of about 40 km. Project sanctions have been made to 15 developing agencies i.e. companies for such drones.
  • 155mm Terminally Guided Munition (TGM)- In order to target the high-value targets of the enemy, the army has given permission to 06 agencies (companies) for guided munitions. The army will buy at least 2000 TGM rounds after such munitions are ready. These munitions ie bombs can also be fired from cannon.
  • High Frequency Man Packed Software Design Radio (HFSDR)-The Indian Army has identified 14 companies for Internet-connected radio sets for the purpose of providing real-time information from the battlefield to the commanders. Indian Army needs 300 such high frequency radio sets. These light weight radio sets are essential for long distance communication. Being equipped with data-capability and bandwidth, map navigation can also be done from these radio sets through GIS. These will also have additional security so that the enemy cannot hear the conversation and information by breaking into the communication of the army. Indian Army currently uses old radio sets which have very less data handling capability.
  • Infantry Training Weapon Simulator (IWTS)- From the practice of firing to the soldiers, the army needs a simulator for training in different scenarios of the battlefield. Indian Army needs at least 125 such simulators. Four (04) MSMEs and start-ups have been identified to make them.

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