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Recovered from Kovid, but heart getting sick? Increased risk of brain stroke and pulmonary thrombosis

New Delhi : The danger for the people who have recovered from Kovid is not over yet. A blood clot is forming in the heart tube. Having a heart attack at a young age. Experts say that post covid has increased the risk of not only heart but also brain stroke and pulmonary thrombosis. Doctors say that the patients in whom steroids were used, their diabetes is getting up-down, arthritis of the hip joint is happening. The doctor says that the biggest effect of Kovid is happening on the heart itself. Heart disease is being seen in younger age and more patients than before. Why are such diseases happening post covid? Here is the special report of Rahul Anand on this:

Why sudden cardiac arrest is happening
Dr. Anil Dhal, Cardiologist of Janakpuri Hospital said that such patients are coming to us, who have been cured of Kovid for a year, but their problems have not reduced. They have an AC2 receptor in their body, in which the virus sticks and from here it mixes in the blood and reaches the rest of the body. It also affects the heart muscles. Inflammation causes the formation of an endothelium clot, which travels to the venous and artery. Not only this, many patients are also being seen whose heart rhythm is not normal. Heart beat is fine when sitting, heart beat is getting faster on getting up. This is called postural arthritic trachycardia syndrome. He said that the number of patients with clots in the heart has increased.

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Study in progress
In this regard, AIIMS’s Kovid expert Piyush Ranjan said that it is affecting the heart the most. Post covid is becoming thrombosis. That is, a blood clot is being formed. It can reach someone’s heart, someone’s lungs and someone’s brain. Still such patients are coming out. But we don’t have evidence to prove it. Studies on this are going on all over the world. Many studies are being done on this in India too. Then we will be able to say with the claim that which disease happened post covid.

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How big are the side effects of the drug?
Doctor Piyush Ranjan said that the drug was used more in the first and second phase itself. Those drugs do not have many side effects, because most of the medicines have been used in other diseases. But the side effects were seen on a much larger scale because of steroids. In which black fungus is common. Steroids were more lethal in people who were taking voluntarily in doses. They did not know when, whom and how many doses to take. Was taking claims without knowing when to stop the medicine. Steroids already have side effects, so this medicine should be taken only under the supervision of a doctor. But initially people were eating indiscriminately.

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Heart and pulmonary thrombosis very common problem
Dr Sandeep Nayyar of the respiratory department of BLAK Super Specialty Hospital said that after a year or so, patients are coming for treatment. Heart and pulmonary thrombosis remains a very common problem. But, those who were infected at the time of the delta variant, who were put on oxygen. Then he had arbitrarily consumed steroids. Such patients have been troubled for a long time and some still have not come out of it. Steroids have caused the most damage in this. Apart from diabetes uncontrol, arthritis of the hip joint is also happening. Diabetes and hypertension were also significantly affected in the first and second phases. The patient’s sudden sugar level was going from 250 to 300, the chances of getting bacterial infection and ulcer have doubled.

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Omicron is not scary
Regarding the infection currently spreading, Dr. Suresh Kumar, Medical Director of LNJP Hospital said that earlier where Kovid was severe. This time he is much lighter. Spreads rapidly, but tends to be limited to mild symptoms. Recovery is accelerating. At present only 60 patients are admitted in the hospital and 4 patients are on ventilator. But, people who are already ill, kidney, TB, cancer patients, this mild variant can also bother them. He said that at present there are many sub-variants of Omicron in Delhi. Recently 90 samples were tested, out of which a new sub-variant BA2.75 has been found. This variant also spreads as fast as other variants, but, the severity is the same. The present situation is better and under control.

post covid problem

  • blockage in heart
  • brain stroke,
  • pulmonary thrombosis,
  • fatigue,
  • lack of sleep,
  • irritability,
  • uncontrol diabetes,
  • uncontrollable blood pressure,
  • hip joint arthritis problem

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protect like this
Elders who had corona in the first phase, even if not severe, they should get themselves tested. Visit your doctor and get treatment. Ignoring it can be dangerous.

  • If the pain in the hands and feet is stretching for a long time, then see the doctor.
  • Avoid heavy exercise and do not do heavy work
  • If the mentioned symptoms are coming, then do not ignore it
  • Those who have been given steroids during Kovid, they should also get themselves tested.
  • Those whose D dimer and other markers are uncontrolled during Kovid are also under threat.




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