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Red Light On-Gaadi Off: File wandering here and there, now LG sent it to Kejriwal, said – think again

Red Light On-Gaadi Off: The file related to the Delhi government’s ‘Red Light On, Gaadi Off’ campaign is going here and there. First, the Delhi government accused the Lieutenant Governor of not wanting to allow the campaign to be implemented. Saying this, the government had sent the campaign file to the Lieutenant Governor. Now again the Lieutenant Governor has sent the file back to the Chief Minister’s Office and asked the Chief Minister to reconsider the campaign.

According to sources, the Lieutenant Governor has also questioned the campaign of the Delhi government and said that there is no evidence that air pollution can be controlled by running the campaign in this way.

Lt Governor gave reason to return the file

Sending the campaign file back to the Delhi government, the Lieutenant Governor has written that in this campaign, the Civil Defense Volunteers cannot be kept standing in the midst of heavy traffic and pollution in this way, it is very inhuman as well as exploiting them. Along with this, the Department of Law and Revenue should also investigate whether the Civil Defense Volunteers can be used in this way during the campaign or not.

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Apart from this, while questioning this campaign, the Lieutenant Governor has written that the results of the past years have not been so effective that due to this the pollution has reduced and at the same time the government has not given information in the proposal.

Delhi government made a campaign to stop pollution

The Delhi government has come up with a 15-point action plan to curb pollution with the ‘Red Light On, Car Off’ campaign which has been named as ‘Red Light On, Car Off’. The scheme was first launched in Delhi on October 16, 2020, the first phase of this drive was scheduled to start from October 28 this time and continue till November 28. But LG has questioned this campaign.

What is Red Light On-Gaadi Off Campaign?

As the name suggests, the campaign is about to persuade people to switch off the engines of their vehicles when there are red lights on the roads as people wait for the traffic lights to turn green while keeping the vehicle on. Civil Defense volunteers have been involved in this campaign who will make people aware to stop the vehicles.

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