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Rishi Sunak becomes head of country with veto power in UN, big setback for China and Pakistan?

British PM Rishi Sunak: As soon as Rishi Sunak took over as Prime Minister in Britain, many debates started in India about him. His name started coming up in Google search and people started gathering more and more information about him. On behalf of India, all the big leaders and personalities including Prime Minister Modi congratulated Sunak on getting the big responsibility. Rishi Sunak is the first Indian who has reached this position in Britain. Although Sunak being an Indian is not the only big deal, the most important thing is that he has reached the highest office of a country which has veto power in the UN.

These five countries have veto power
You must have heard and read the term veto power many times, in fact it is such a power by which a country with veto power can block any proposal presented in the UN. There are a total of five countries with such veto power. These countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council. Whenever a resolution is introduced in the UN, the vote of these countries becomes very important to pass it. These five countries include China, Russia, France, Britain and America. Each of these countries has used its veto power many times.

Will India’s side in the UN be strong?
Now that Britain is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, India can benefit from the presence of Rishi Sunak somewhere. It was seen on many occasions in the UN that China stopped India’s proposal by imposing a veto. Especially when it comes to action against terrorists present in Pakistan, China always uses its power to create obstacles in it. Now the government led by Rishi Sunak is in Britain, in such a situation, if India gets the vote of Britain on any important proposal, then it will be a big deal. This will give a blow to China and Pakistan somewhere.

In the last four months, China has used its veto power several times to protect Pakistani terrorists. Recently, China saved terrorist Hafiz Saeed’s son Hafiz Talha Saeed from being declared a global terrorist. A few days before this, China had vetoed the proposal of India and America to declare Lashkar terrorist Shahid Mehmood as a global terrorist. Even before this, China has saved many big terrorists from being blacklisted in the UN.

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India’s fight for permanent membership in the UN
India has also been continuously trying for the last several decades that somehow it should be included in the list of permanent member countries of the UN Security Council. India has given such indications many times from the UN platform that it should be given this responsibility. India has become a non-permanent member of the UN many times, apart from this there are many countries that appear in favor of giving permanent membership to India on every occasion, but so far this has not happened. Because these five countries have long been included in the permanent members of the UN Security Council, there has always been controversy about it. It is seen as a monopoly of these big countries. No amendment in veto power can be done without the consent of these five permanent members.

Although there is an atmosphere of celebration when Rishi Sunak becomes PM and every Indian has many expectations from him, but it will be known only in the coming time that what is Rishi’s attitude towards India. At present, there are many challenges in front of them like getting their country out of inflation and economic crisis.

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