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Rising India, Real Heroes: How to make profit from stubble, learn from Haryana’s Virendra Yadav

Virendra Yadav, a farmer from Haryana’s Kaithal village, is earning lakhs by selling stubble while other farmers burn it, causing pollution. Virendra is known for his innovative approach of stubble burning. In Mann Ki Baat in 2020, PM Narendra Modi also mentioned Vivek Yadav and told how Vivek is earning profit by selling stubble to agro-power plants and paper mills.

Vivek Yadav bought a Straw Baler Machine with the financial assistance of the Agriculture Department to make hay bundles, which he sold to various plants and mills.

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Vivek Yadav claims that he has sold stubble worth more than Rs 2.5 crore in 2 years. Vivek has become an inspiration at a time when stubble burning in North India during winters causes widespread pollution.

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