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Rising India Real Heroes: Meet Gulab Yadav, the sarpanch of YouTubers’ village

In News18 Rising India you will come across many unique and unique stories. One such interesting story is of Tulsi village of Newra in Chhattisgarh. There are more than a thousand YouTubers in this village with a population of 3 thousand. Whenever you look at this village, you will definitely see some person making content.

Where people had not even heard the name of the Internet, it is not an easy thing to make reels in YouTube. But if a sarpanch like Gulab Yadav is with you, then this task is not impossible either.

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Gulab Yadav says, ‘Initially I could not understand why everyone in the village is making videos. Slowly everything started to make sense. Then started arranging money, car and place. We did all possible help with body, mind and money. Today every man in the village is making YouTube videos regardless of age. The village is making its name on the path of progress. Due to the vision of Gulab Yadav, Tulsi village has won a National Award. Along with this, the residents of this village have also found another source of income.

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