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Rising India Real Heroes: Meet Savita Sahu of Chhattisgarh, whose courage changed the lives of women

Self-reliant India is identified with those people who proved with their thinking, dedication and hard work that we can change our future, all we need is to believe in ourselves. When Savita Sahu saw an opportunity with the help of Dantewada administration of Chhattisgarh, she accepted it with both hands.

Savita Sahu says, ‘Earlier the situation at my house was not good. But when e-rickshaws were found in Dantewada area for women to drive, I first started driving it.

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Savita Sahu tells that there are many areas where people do not go. People are afraid to go to some places. At such a place, we women came out of our homes and worked. Now we are also feeling very happy that we are standing on our feet through e-rickshaw. Today, inspired by Savita, more than 50 women, who once confined themselves to homes, are now strengthening their economic status through e-rickshaws.

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