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Rising India Real Heroes: Sunita Jhingran, because of whom the unique tradition of Hussaini Brahmin is alive

Sunita Jhingran is a singer who worships both Hindu deities and Shia Imam Hussain. Renowned classical music singer Sunita Jhingran, known for her Thumri, Khayal, Dadra and Ghazal, is also following the traditions of her forefathers as a Hussaini Brahmin.

Hussaini Brahmins worship both Hindu deities and Imam Hussain. Jhingran believes that humanity is the greatest of all religions, and his way of promoting love and respect for all is through his music.

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Sunita Jhingran attends ‘Majlis’ and recites elegies during the month of Muharram to carry on the tradition learned during her childhood.

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