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RJD’s Ram tree is always the poorest MLA of Bihar, then who is the richest?

Patna : Ramvriksha, RJD MLA from Khagaria, Alauli (reserved) seat of Bihar is always the poorest. In Patna, the MLA got emotional after taking the key of the residence from the hands of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. He cried that he belonged to Musahar caste and was the poorest MLA. After that a new political discussion has started in Bihar. of rich and poor legislators. The poor MLA in Bihar came to know. Who is rich now? Let us tell you who is the richest MLA according to the affidavit given to the Election Commission during the 2020 assembly elections?

Who is the rich MLA of Bihar?
After studying the affidavits of 243 people’s representatives of the Bihar Legislative Assembly, it is found that there is no dearth of crorepati MLAs in the state. Bihar may be counted in a poor state, but its people’s representatives hold a lot of wealth. You can gauge their influence from the fact that 81 percent of the MLAs in the assembly are crorepatis. Yes, we are not saying this, but the report of the Association for Democratic Reforms says. Well, RJD MLA Ramvriksha is always the poorest, so the question is, who is the rich MLA?

property in affidavit
The status of the affidavit after the election results of the 2020 assembly said that the richest MLA was Bahubali Anant Singh of RJD. However, he lost his legislature after being convicted in many cases. Anant Singh was the richest MLA after being elected. His place was first. First let us know the property of Anant Singh. After that presently after Anant Singh who has more assets and who is in the category of richest MLA of Bihar. Will talk to them.

RJD’s Anant Singh has more assets
Anant Singh’s assets had increased two and a half times in five years after perusal of the 2020 affidavit. According to the election affidavit, in the year 2005, Anant Singh had assets worth 3.40 lakhs. It increased to 38.84 lakh in 2010. In 2015, it again increased to 27.99 crores. When the MLA contested the election in the year 2020. In the election affidavit, he told that his assets have become 68.55 crores. Anant Singh was the richest MLA among the candidates selected in the 2020 assembly elections. According to Anant Singh’s affidavit, he has elephants, horses, cows and buffaloes worth 1.90 lakhs. At the same time, his wife Neelam Devi has an Innova car worth 25.33 lakhs. There is a Fortuner car worth Rs 32.52 lakhs and a Scorpio worth Rs 6 lakhs.

Anant Singh ranked first
Ajit Sharma, who won on Congress ticket from Bhagalpur after Anant Singh’s conviction, is the richest MLA of Bihar. According to the affidavit, he has assets worth 43 crores. In which there is more than three crore 79 lakhs in the form of movable assets. Whereas, the immovable assets are 36.77 crores. Interesting information is also that he has deposited 2.55 crores in total thirty bank accounts. According to the ADR, according to the affidavit of Ajit Sharma, he has a total of six vehicles worth 58 lakhs. Apart from this, the couple has total jewelery worth 41 lakhs. They have cultivable land worth 1.29 crores. Along with this, 24 crores of land is also in his name.

Richest Ajit Sharma
RJD’s Ram tree is always the poorest MLA in Bihar. At the same time, Anant Singh of RJD was in the first place among the richest MLAs of Bihar. However, after his conviction, Congress’s Ajit Sharma is still the richest MLA in Bihar. Overall, the number of crorepati MLAs in Bihar is not less. The government of the Grand Alliance has the richest and the poorest MLAs.



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