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Road accident kills 426 people every day, this is how you can save

New Delhi. About 5 lakh road accidents take place in India every year. At the same time, due to this, about one and a half lakh people die every year. If this figure is seen for daily, then 426 deaths occur in road accidents every day and 1 death every 4 minutes. This figure can definitely scare you but it is a sad truth but by following awareness and following traffic rules we can reduce the death rate.

To solve this serious problem, a First Aid and CPR training program was organized by the Traffic Police Department and Felix Hospital, whose purpose was to understand the importance of First Aid in the society. It is very important to get First Aid at the right time after an accident or accident. Many lives can be saved everyday by providing First Aid on time.

During this, Dr DK Gupta, Chairman of the hospital said that whatever we do to save the life of any injured or sick person before taking him to the hospital, that first aid is called first aid. More than 1.5 lakh people die every year just because they do not get first aid on time.

On the other hand, Police Commissioner Alok Singh said that 80 percent of India’s population does not know how to give CPR. It is more important to know what not to do than what to do in an emergency.

Why is getting first aid so important?
Singh said that the risk of loss of life of a particular person can increase due to wrong treatment. In such a situation, it is important that the right first aid person should be found.

When is first aid necessary?
First aid suffocation such as drowning in water, hanging or foreign material stuck in the respiratory tract, heart failure, heart attack, bleeding, exposure to poison, burns, heat stroke It can be given due to excessive heat, loss of water in the body, unconsciousness or coma, sprain, fracture and bite of an animal.

Keep these things in mind during first aid

.Washing your hands and other skin surfaces thoroughly
, Use of gloves, masks and other protective eyewear
, Wearing a protective suit, gown, and apron
, use sharp objects carefully
, Disinfecting all contaminated surfaces
, Using the right disposal containers
.Using the Right Protective Mask for CPR
, Nothing to eat, drink, smoke and use other things in that place
, Contacting environmental service staff who are trained to clean bodily fluids.

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