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RPF Vs RPSF: What is the difference between RPF and RPSF, who is more powerful? know how to work

RPF Vs RPSF: Railway Protection Force (RPF) and Railway Protection Special Force (RPSF) both are a part of Railway Force Recruitment. It works under the Ministry of Railways. The selection process is same for both RPF and RPSF. But there is a huge difference in the way both of them work. The work of RPF is to protect people and railway property from robbers and theft in the railway station. It does not have any weapon and RPF does not get any special training to protect the people and property of the railway from danger. At the same time, RPSF is equipped with weapons and they are also given special training to protect radicals, dacoits, Naxalites, terrorists and others.

RPF: Railway Protection Force
RPF i.e. Railway Protection Force has certain objectives, which they fulfill while on duty. Railways continue an unwavering fight against criminals in securing passengers, passenger area and railway property. To encourage passengers to travel and provide security by driving out all anti-social elements from trains, railway premises and passenger area. They also play a role in preventing trafficking of women and children and taking suitable steps for destitute children found in railway areas.

RPSF: Railway Protection Special Force
RPSF is an extraordinary force which is a part of RPF Recruitment. During the application process of RPF itself, 2 options like RPF and RPSF are given. The selection process is same for both RPF and RPSF. Although there may be a slight difference in the salary of these two. The activity profile of RPSF is very different from that of RPF. Though RPSF are armed and given unique training to ensure that they are common public, fundamentalists, dacoits, naxalites and terrorists. RPSF has unique power for railway security.

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