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RSS is real coffee, BJP is only its foam visible above: Prashant Kishor


Political strategist Prashant Kishor likened the BJP-RSS alliance to a cup of coffee.
Kishor said that Godse’s ideology can be defeated only by reviving Mahatma Gandhi’s Congress.
Kishor said that after years of hard work, RSS has brought its ideology to the ground within the society.

Patna. Political strategist-turned-politician Prashant Kishor on Sunday likened the BJP-RSS nexus to a cup of coffee in which the saffron party is like froth at the top and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) at its core. Kishor, who was undertaking a 3,500-km long padyatra of Bihar starting from October 2, addressed a meeting at Lauria in West Champaran district today.

He lamented that it took him a long time to realize that the ideology of Nathuram Godse could be defeated only by reviving Gandhi’s Congress and it would have been better that I had done that instead of helping people like Nitish Kumar and Jagan Mohan Reddy. working in the direction.

Prashant Kishor likens BJP-RSS to coffee cup
Kishor, the founder of iPAC, who has been skeptical of the effectiveness of a united opposition in stopping Narendra Modi’s chariot, insisted that unless one understands why the BJP is in the country, one cannot defeat it. He said, ‘Have you ever seen a cup of coffee, there is foam at the top. The BJP is like the foam of what you see. Beneath that is a lot of RSS which has a deep structure.

RSS has grounded the ideology within the society: Kishor
Kishor said that after years of hard work, the RSS has put its ideology on the ground within the society, now no matter how much you shake hands and feet, it is not going to come out. He said that he would have to work hard for it. We have to take a resolution that even if it takes 10-15 years, we will have to fight vigorously against it.

CM Nitish Kumar also attacked
Political strategist Kishor first rose to prominence by handling Narendra Modi’s election campaign in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, which helped the BJP secure a majority on its own. Kishor, who has also been continuously targeting Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Nitish Kumar’s party JDU has been accusing him of being an “agent of BJP”. Kishor said that even after repeated calls from Nitish Kumar, he did not go with JDU.

Giving the reason for this, he said, “While being the National Vice President of JDU, when I came to know that my party has voted in favor of CAA-NRC, I asked Nitish Kumar why it is so. Then Nitish Kumar said that I was on tour, I did not know, but we will not allow it to be implemented in Bihar. That’s when I understood that it is not possible to work with such a man and jumped into the fight for West Bengal to stop the BJP.

He said that the condition of Trinamool Congress was bad, but the BJP was stopped with all its life. Kishor said that he had publicly said that he would not allow the BJP to cross the 100 mark and the same thing happened in the elections. Kishor’s much-awaited entry into the Congress did not materialize despite his meetings with top leaders last year. Kishor indicated that he still admires the organization, but he admires the Congress led by Mahatma Gandhi. “The ideology of Godse can be defeated only by reviving Mahatma Gandhi’s Congress,” Kishor said.

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