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‘Rub your nose Nitish, BJP’s doors are closed’, Sushil Modi targets Bihar CM

Sushil Modi Slams Nitish Kumar: Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and senior BJP leader Sushil Modi has targeted Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Sushil Modi even said that even if Nitish Kumar rubs his nose, the doors of BJP are closed for him.

This statement of the BJP leader came after the statement of political strategist Prashant Kishor in which he had said that Nitish Kumar is once again in touch with BJP. After Prashant Kishor’s statement, all kinds of speculations and speculations have started from Patna to Delhi.

What did Sushil Modi say?

Talking to ABP News about Prashant Kishor’s statement, Sushil Modi said, “Even if Nitish Kumar rubs his nose, the doors of BJP are not going to open again for him in this life.” Sushil Modi accused Nitish Kumar of betraying the BJP twice. Said that BJP does not want to be cheated now. However, Sushil Modi refused to say anything directly on Prashant Kishor’s statement. He only said that he does not know on what basis Prashant Kishor is saying this. They don’t know which BJP leader Nitish Kumar is in touch with.

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When Sushil Modi was asked whether the state leadership of the Center and the party were unanimous on this matter, he said, “It has been decided in the meeting of the party that now there will be no political rapprochement with Nitish Kumar in future.” ‘

Prashant Kishor gave this statement

Prashant Kishor had given a statement two days ago that Nitish Kumar is once again in touch with BJP through Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh. Harivansh is a Rajya Sabha MP from JDU quota. On Prashant Kishor’s statement, CM Nitish Kumar said in Patna that he does not want to say anything on his (Prashant Kishor’s) talk because he keeps making such statements to stay in the headlines.

At the same time, after a long gap on Saturday (October 22), Prashant Kishor tweeted and targeted Nitish Kumar. He wrote in the tweet, “Nitish Kumar ji if you have nothing to do with BJP and NDA, then ask your MP to leave the post of Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha. You can’t have it both ways all the time.

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