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Ruckus on Baba Ramdev’s statement ‘Read Namaz and do anything’, Rakesh Tikait said – do whatever you want

Muzaffarnagar. A big statement of Rakesh Tikait, the national spokesperson of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, has come to the fore regarding the statement made on the prayers of Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev. In this, he has said that Baba Ramdev’s work is of yoga, he is known for yoga only, he should work on it, he should not make such statements. Rakesh Tikait also said that we will ask him not to make such statements.

Let us inform that today it has been 7 days since the indefinite strike of Bharatiya Kisan Union going on in Muzaffarnagar. During this today, Rakesh Tikait, national spokesperson of Bharatiya Kisan Union, said on Baba Ramdev’s statement on Namaz that he should not use such language. If he has to talk, then talk about the development of the country. The skill of yoga that they have, they should talk about that yoga. Talk about the products they make.

Rakesh Tikait said, he will give wrong statements. This country now wants to go in that direction. Saints are Mahatma’s and they should not use such language. He is also walking on the same line on which others are walking. There should be talk of development in the country. Rakesh Tikait said that every man started walking on this, Hindu Muslim.

However, Rakesh Tikait also said that it will continue now because the election is coming. People of this kind of ideology will talk like this. Brother, say something on sugarcane also. People are not getting employment. Inflation is increasing a lot. There should be a statement on that. What is the condition of the road. What are the facilities of the hospitals, a statement should be given on that.

Please tell that Baba Ramdev, while addressing a religious meeting organized in Barmer, Rajasthan, had said that the religion of Islam means only offering Namaz. Muslims only have to offer Namaz. It is necessary for Muslims only to offer Namaz and after offering Namaz, whatever you do, everything is justified. Whether you pick up Hindu girls, whether you want to do Jihad by becoming a terrorist in the name of Jihad, do whatever comes to your mind.

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