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Ruckus over Mohali incident, then the whole country was shaken over Delhi MMS video

New Delhi : A shocking case of alleged MMS going viral of about 60 girl students of a private university in Chandigarh has come to light. It is alleged that a university student secretly made a video of girls taking a bath in the bathroom of the hostel and made it viral. According to the information that is being received, the accused student was making videos of girls for a long time and used to send them to a boy living in Himachal. This incident has reminded me of the MMS scandal of a well-known school in Delhi 18 years ago. Then the era of mobile phones with cameras had just begun and that MMS scandal shook the country not only in Delhi.

MMS was filmed in the school premises itself
This is from 2004. A pornographic video of two students had surfaced in the premises of a renowned school in Delhi. Both were minors. The video was recorded by the boy with his camera mobile phone. Seeing the video, it seemed that the girl was not aware that everything is being recorded in the camera as well. Soon his MMS started being shared on mobile phones. After this incident, the school suspended the boys and girls and 8 other students for possessing mobile phones. Keeping mobile phones of students in the school was banned. In a hurry, the school also issued strict guidelines for parents and students regarding this. On behalf of the school, the students were warned that if they bring a mobile to the school, it will not only be confiscated but a fine of Rs 1000 will also be imposed.

MMS reached more porn sites
The MMS filmed in that school in Delhi soon went viral on porn sites. Actually, a student of IIT Kharagpur listed that video for sale on a website named ‘Baji.com’. (Later on ‘Baji.com’ renamed as ‘E-Bay India Pvt Ltd’.) The video was uploaded on November 27, 2004, around 8:30 pm. However, on November 29, 2004, at around 10 am, the video was also deactivated, but by then it had gone viral on all porn sites. The boy’s face was not visible in that video of 2 minutes 37 seconds. The video was recorded by the boy himself.

The film was also made in 2009 on the MMS scandal
That mms scandal shook the whole country including Delhi. There was also a debate on whether students should be given mobile phones with cameras or not. After 5 years, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap also made a film named ‘Dev D’ on the same incident. By the way, the film was inspired by the famous ‘Devdas’. But there were many similarities between her lead characters and the Delhi School MMS scandal. Both were trapped in the MMS scandal. However, in the real incident, the girl was sent abroad by her parents.



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