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Ruckus over the purchase of buses in Delhi, from BJP to AAP, know who said what

Delhi DTC Bus Case: The political turmoil in Delhi is not taking its name to end. The ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and BJP are constantly attacking each other. This time both the parties have come face to face over the alleged scam in DTC bus purchase. BJP has targeted the Arvind Kejriwal government by holding a press conference on Sunday over the alleged bus scam, then there has been a retaliate from the AAP as well.

Actually, this time the matter is about 1,000 low floor buses bought by the AAP government in Delhi. Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena approved the recommendation of the principal secretary to hand over the complaint of alleged corruption in bus purchases to the CBI. After this BJP and AAP became attackers on each other.

What did BJP say?

BJP’s Delhi unit spokesperson Harish Khurana while targeting CM Kejriwal said that it is said that if you do not just order then what is the scam, Arvind Kejriwal, you had also ordered the work, if BJP caught theft, then say now. Yes, we are honest. The money transaction was done. It was because of the complaint that the order had to be stopped, you give amazing logic.

BJP MLA Vijender Gupta said that after a long struggle, the poles of the corrupt are being exposed. A consultant was made to mislead the public. The one who decided how the pink pots should reach Kejriwal. The Chief Minister who is involved in corruption has no right to remain in his post. At the same time, Adesh Gupta said that ever since the scams of Arvind Kejriwal and his party have started opening, since then they have started panicking.

“It is clear that you are not a sin”

BJP leader Gaurav Bhatia said that it is clear that you are not a sin. Ask them the questions of the public, they talk here and there. Aam Aadmi is a chaotic party. The entire government of Aam Aadmi Party is immersed in corruption. BJP has exposed the corruption of Kejriwal government to the public. Arvind Kejriwal has become synonymous with loot and corruption.

Bhatia said that for the first time in the Kejriwal government, the Transport Minister was made the chairman of the Transport Board, before that it was an officer. There is only one quality of AAP government, it is completely immersed in corruption. Today in DTC buses, LG has taken forward by recommending a CBI investigation. The people of Delhi are thinking that there will be corruption in any ministry they pick up. According to the facts that have come to light, Kejriwal said that more than 11 thousand DTC buses will be given, but so many buses were not found and now a scam has been found in the low floor bus of DTC.

you also answered

To answer these allegations, AAP MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj held a press conference. He said that the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi wakes up almost every morning and gives statements in the newspapers against his own Delhi government. How are these Lt Governors who daily target against the elected government of Delhi. We allege that at the time of demonetisation, he replaced his old notes with new notes, where he used to work earlier in the Khadi industry.

“We don’t run away from CBI inquiry”

Saurabh Bhardwaj said that the second charge was given to his daughter in the Khadi industry, it was not even investigated. Out of about 4 thousand artisans, only 1 thousand were given money, that too in cash. He is doing this to avoid serious corruption charges against himself. In this case not a single bus was bought, not a single payment was made. LG is not a private person, he is a person holding a government post. I have come to tell you that get a CBI inquiry done in this matter. We don’t run away from CBI inquiry, LG is running.

He said that the old LG had also formed a vigilance committee. He himself said that there is no criminal angle in this. Even after the order of the High Court, you are giving money to the worker in cash, how is it right, you are giving high position to your daughter, wrongly getting new notes in demonetisation. You have to answer them, LG sir. Arvind Kejriwal is saying to get his chest done, get the inquiry done by CBI, ED, anyone.

“PM’s pressure on LG”

AAP MLA Atishi Marlena said that when the whole country is troubled by the rising inflation and unemployment of the BJP, then Kejriwal gave electricity, schools, hospitals, employment to the people of Delhi. People have considered Arvind Kejriwal as an alternative to PM Modi. PM Modi is feeling scared, so every day he is making false allegations against Arvind Kejriwal. We know that LG is under the pressure of the Prime Minister that every day Arvind Kejriwal. Remove something against him, but this time he made a mistake in a hurry, sent the file which had been sent to the CBI twice earlier. When the bus purchase tender was not done, the bus was not purchased, then how did the scam happen.

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