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Russia became India’s largest oil supplier, know what the Russian ambassador said on the war with Ukraine…

Russia-India Relation: The friendship between Russia and India is well known. Despite all the changed global scenarios, the India-Russia relationship is standing firm. Such a hallmark of a strong relationship has been seen once again. Russia has become the largest oil supplier to India and is contributing significantly to the country’s energy security. Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov gave this information at the Indian Council of Global Affairs (ICWA) and Russian Council talks.

Addressing the meeting at the Indian Council-Russian Council dialogue, Alipov said that Russia has become India’s largest oil supplier, which is making a significant contribution to energy security. We are successfully developing the North-South ITC Alternative Transport Route to attract partners for large-scale energy and infrastructure projects in the Russian Forest in Siberia to the Northern Sea Route. He also said that a strong push has been given to trade and intra-regional references. There is immense potential in sectors such as airport infrastructure, sea and rail infrastructure, steel production, petro-chemicals, startups, aircraft and ship building, agriculture, advanced technology, development and digitization.

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Russia-Ukraine war not about land grab: Denis Alipov
The Russian Ambassador to India said that Russia has a lot to offer to India and on the contrary Western companies are leading in all these areas. The Russian ambassador said in his address that India has adopted a neutral stand regarding the exclusion of Moscow from multilateral institutions. India has taken a neutral stand with respect to efforts to oust Russia from multilateral institutions, including UNESCO and others. He said that our and India’s priority is to achieve democracy as a global governance.
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On the Russia-Ukraine War that started on February 24 last year (2022), he said that the Ukraine conflict is not an attempt by Russia to grab land, as is being presented. It is the result of continuous violation of universal principles. The same universal principles that are enshrined in the Russia-India treaty. He said Russia and India share an extensive network of platforms and groups that help promote a potentially global agenda for the benefit of the wider international community. The Delhi-Moscow relationship, particularly the purchase of Russian oil, has attracted worldwide attention since the outbreak of an armed military conflict with Ukraine.

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